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Google Analytics GA4

cass 21 June 2022 0 Comments

The Next Generation of Google Analytics: GA4

Google Analytics GA4 (GA) is a powerful web analytics solution. It helps you understand how your visitors arrive at your website, what pages they go to and how long they spend there.

Despite its ease of use and availability across all modern browsers, the standard version of Google Analytics has some limitations. Limitations that prevent it from being more than a basic tool.

With Google’s focus on user experience, usability is also important in their products. The latest updates to their suite of apps have introduced an updated user interface.

This interface is called “Material Design” which brings the company’s entire suite of apps under one common design language.

This makes them look more consistent and gives them a sense of unity that will be beneficial for users in the long run. Google Analytics 4.0 is part of this optimization drive and is set to become GA4 when released later this year. We will explain everything you need to know about it below.

What is Google Analytics 4.0?

GA4 is the next major update to Google Analytics. The company has been releasing minor revisions to the application with each new version, but this will be the first major update. GA4 is expected to be released was late 2018 with beta users receiving the update in July.

The current version of Google Analytics, 4.3, is already labelled as “GA4 compatible.” Google will continue to support GA3 until October 2020, and it’s recommended that all businesses move to GA4 before then.

To better understand how the new version of GA will work, it’s helpful to understand how the current version functions. Google Analytics is an application that tracks the interactions of your website visitors.

It gathers data about how these visitors arrive at your site, what pages they view, what links they click, how long they stay on a page, and where they go next.

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What will happen after GA4?

While GA4 may seem like a minor update, it’s actually a big deal. GA4 will be the final version of Google Analytics. After this, Google will stop releasing new versions of the application.

All future updates will come through security patches and bug fixes. The company has not committed to any timeframes for this process, but it’s very likely they’ll keep GA updated for at least the next few years.

Why is Google launching a new version of Google Analytics?

It’s no secret that the Google Analytics platform has limitations. It’s a free solution, and although it’s powerful and easy to use, you can’t track certain types of traffic if you want to get a full picture of your traffic.

For example, paid advertising and organic traffic are not combined in the current version of Google Analytics. That means that you can’t understand what channels drove the traffic to a particular page.

Current limitations in Google Analytics

GA has a lot of features, but there are some limitations that were introduced when the current version of the product was released. In the current version of Google Analytics, you can’t track traffic sources for mobile apps or for traffic from some specific countries, like Turkey.

The current version of GA also has several limitations when it comes to website data. You can’t track redirects or invalid traffic. Website data is only updated once a day, and it’s limited to 10 transactions.

New features in Google Analytics 4.0

– Customizable tracking videos are pre-roll ads that appear at the bottom of a website design. They can contain links, call-to-action buttons, or instructions for your visitors.

These videos are targeted at specific visitors and contain links to the pages they are on. So, tracking them with GA is crucial for understanding how people are interacting with your site.

– Mobile app integration Mobile apps can now be integrated with Google Analytics. This means you can track both app traffic and in-app events.

– Enhanced tracking of actions on external websites You can now track actions like clicks, scrolls, and bookmarks on external websites.

– Enhanced metrics for sessions, time on site, and scroll percent. Other metrics like session duration, time on site, and scroll percent have been enhanced with more accuracy.

– Easier access to historical data You can now access data from past campaigns through an API. This makes it easier to analyze the impact of your campaigns.

– Improved Chrome sync with better insights Chromebooks are powered by the Chrome browser. So having them sync with Google Analytics is important. It will help you understand what happens when customers use your website on that particular platform.

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Future of Google Analytics

As we mentioned above, Google will stop releasing new versions of the application. However, the company has not committed to any timeframes for this process. But it’s very likely they’ll keep GA updated for at least the next few years.

Once GA4 is released, any major updates will be made to the application through security patches and bug fixes. This means that new features and improvements will be released through these updates.

Google has also said that they may introduce new versions of GA if they find a significant user demand for them. This means that Google may update the application again in the future if users don’t find the current version of Google Analytics sufficient enough.

Key takeaways

The latest update to Google Analytics, called GA4, is set to replace the current version of the application.

It will have new features like custom tracking videos, mobile app integration, enhanced tracking of actions on external websites, enhanced metrics for sessions, time on site, scroll percent, and more.

This update will also enable you to track mobile apps and will be the final version of the application.

The GA4 update was originally released in late 2018, and you could sign up for the beta program for early access. It was officially released in October 2020.

Here is a comprehensive look at GA4

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service that allows you to track and monitor website traffic. It is a tool that helps you understand how people are encountering your website and how they are interacting with it.

By understanding these interactions and behaviours, you can make improvements to your website that will improve the user experience and ultimately lead to higher engagement.

What is Google Analytics GA4?

Google Analytics GA4 is the advanced version of Google Analytics. It is a powerful extension that gives you even more information about how your website is performing.

It provides you with detailed reports about individual visitors, such as their behaviour, location, IP address and device, duration of their stay on your website, and more.

You can also see the sources from which they come and the links they follow on your website. GA4 also allows you to create custom reports or dashboards that help you see everything at once.

This extension is fully customizable, so you can get exactly what you need out of it.

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