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NEW Package Deal for 2017

Is your website outdated? Maybe you just don't have the time or the necessary skills to keep it updated, if so, ask us about our website management solutions for 2014, we will install a blog site within your current website, or new web design, (please ask).

When you add a new post to your blog, (update), it will add that post to the home page of your main website plus your social networking sites as well. You can read more about social networking sites on our blog.

Once set up we can then start to build a single high page ranking link, (PR 5 to 9), back to your website and your blog every day so by the end of the month you will have around 30 high PR links pointing back to your website. Call us today or contact us here.

Boosting your Backlinks

Ok, so you have all your social sites linked together to save you all that wasted time having to login to every single one so you can add your update, what now you say.

All the links we build for you will then be added to a powerful backlinking site that Google visits regular and this will give your links a little extra boost.

It doesn't stop there either, these links will then be added to an RSS feed we create for you and then this RSS feed will be promoted on the backlinking site as well.

popular social sites

Popular Social Sites

There are quite a few social sites that you probably already use, such as facebook, twitter and linkedin, but there are others too, such as google plus, tumblr and youtube.

Many people really do not have the time to keep logging into these social sites, its just not practical, but if this is something you like doing then choose the ones that work best for you.

Some prefer to use facebook while others choose twitter and/or linkedin, if you are into video then this is great but youtube is not your only option, you can easily put them on your blog posts too.

We use tumblr too, you can make a nice blog on tumblr plus

Important Elements for online Success.

First of all you need a good relaible UK based web hosting solution

Then you will want an easy to use blog site built into your main website, a Linkedin account, Facebook and Twitter at a minimum.

Once you have these in place you need to update regularly or as often as you can, once a week, once a month, once a day, its up to you, the more often the better.

With all your updates done you simply can't leave it there, you need to build high PR links (page rank 5 to 9) back to your website and blog pages every month.

Or, take our website management offer to get all this done for you, so all you have to do now is contact us here.

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