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UK Business in 2014



Well its 2014 and a great year for business. Everyone is more optimistic about the new year and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Here at Web Centre Plus we have some exciting new ideas in development such as our new advanced Google friendly Internet marketing strategies which we started last year and the re-launch of the long established web hosting company; centrehost.co.uk.

This web hosting business was sold in 2006 and was bought back in 2012 after it was closed, we will be launching a brand new website and support system for it over the next few weeks and hope to be live by February.

If you are looking for a new hosting provider for your online business then get in touch and we will not only help you move your website over to us, we will also install your very own blog site within your own website totally free of charge. Not only that but we will also be including some extra special offers for you this year for all new hosting customers.

Social Networking:
There has been a lot of talk about this over the past year or so and its gathering pace, the fact is, social networking is big and its getting bigger. This is one area we have spent a lot of time in over the past year or so from setting accounts up for clients on Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin and tumblr plus others such as blogger and wordpress, livejournal and Google+ and Pinterest.

Yes you still need to keep building a variety of links back to your website from a variety of different types of sites, one of the best links pointing back to your website is the .edu and .gov but you need to add more social pages and a blog, not just add them but spend time updating them, and this includes your website too.

Lets be honest, no one wants to go back to a website six months later only to find its exactly the same as the last time they viewed it, this is why we have developed the built in blog that when you update it, your blog alone is not just updated but your websites home page too plus all your social networking sites as well.

Websites are getting faster too, its a fact we have been shouting about for the past 4 years now, get rid of any images you can as these just slow down your website, have a good look around your web design, do you really need all those pics? Maybe a new website design is in order.

This is one area we have been working on ourselves with a new website in development, yes, we do run several fast web servers for our clients in the UKFast datacentre in Manchester but if you load your website with too many images, all you will be doing is defeating the object of a faster loading website, did you know if your site is slow it will lose credibility with Google and other search engines too.

A good web hosting service is crucial to your business, not only for speed and reliability but also the comfort of knowing someone is always there to take care of any help or advice you may need, and we all know how valuable that can be.

Did I mention if you contact Newton Press Printing you can get FREE business cards with your first order?

If you are in business and want to improve in 2014, and I’m sure you do, then take notice of the above information, look at your web hosting service, look at your website design and also your marketing strategies and try to find ways to improve what your doing and whatever your doing, have a look at how you can do it better.

It all takes time and in this world nothing is free is it, so put the time and effort in and you will be rewarded.

UK Business in 2014