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A Fast Loading Website

The importance of a fast loading website and the website speed test, you can find a link to test your site at the bottom of this post. To start with, remove any unnecessary images from your webdesign. Creating a good quality quick loading web site nowadays is without a doubt vital to success. However there are lots of factors to consider at this point, like a very good uk web hosting package, for anyone who is located in the united kingdom of course.

website speed test

One point to mention about hosting, nearly all hosting plans are shared hosting and this is absolutely fine but for the larger websites it really is better to have your own dedicated web server, or dedicated hosting, so contact your web hosting company.

After that, you have to make certain your web site isn’t going to be seriously packed with pictures, if the image doesn’t provide an objective, think about the following, what exactly is it accomplishing on the web page, then simply take it off.

After you have your web site exactly how you would like it using the minimal quantity of images, and also you have got a very good website hosting package, then simply consider all your social signals.

Social signals are usually what the search engines like google really should find along with high quality frequent back links. Social bookmarking signals are usually simple to acquire actually, simply sign up for the social networks like linkedin, facebook and twitter obviously, and then keep the web site up to date regularly.

Back links tend to be hard to accomplish however, this certainly could be completed with a lot of researching, okay, lots of researching, however it will pay off when you finally discover some really good higher page rank websites to participate in and leave your own back link on.

There is no actual regulations about how many back links you have to create however, if you’re able to handle about thirty each month, you ought to be okay. obviously, it’s not necessary to create only one each day, it could be three or four 1 day, only two another day and so forth.

The blogging site is extremely beneficial as well, they are simple to up-date and you could create one totally free making use of wordpress or very similar. Whenever you include an up-date in your blog site, be sure you incorporate back links to your web site, or certain web pages in your web site in relation to the topic you’ve only just discussed.

Carry out all of the previously mentioned and you should quickly notice a little progress on the google search placements.

We’ve been evaluating this approach for much more than 12 months at this point, as we usually do, analyze, test and a lot more evaluating, attempting to stay informed about the ever shifting world of the search engines like google.

Employ no stunts, just the thing they may be seeking to determine exactly where your web site ought to be positioned in their search results.

I pointed out bounce rate within a former article, individuals showing up on the website and then departing just as fast, simply put in a good quality video clip, this will likely keep these people intrigued and many individuals will certainly sit watching it, by doing this your current bounce level can quickly transform to people staying on the web site.

We published an article in our own blog site just lately labeled, Internet Speed Test, it is free to test your web site and this might be a very good starting place for a fast loading website.

Check out the video below as all the above can be dealt with by using the services of a website manager.

The website speed test. We have been testing this on a website since last year, we put the site on a shared server but with only a few other website’s, these sites are not very busy so it worked out quite well. Then, we re-built the site using background colours instead of images where possible and the site loads instantly.

Our web servers are in the UKFast data centre in Manchester and have a reputation of being the fastest network in the UK so this helps of course.

The site also benefits from one of our blog configurations and is updated with news and information twice a week, this populates the home page and its complete social network too.