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Social Networking Sites

The Social Network. Start updating your blog to self market your own website.

One of the main ingredients of online success in 2015, and indeed for the past year or more is social network sites, such as Google plus, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, there are others too but starting with these is the best way forward.

Most people, and of course businesses have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, some use them regularly while others only occasionally, the key here is to use them as often as you can but only if you have something of interest to say. For businesses, this would be anything their customers and followers would like to know about, such as the latest news and information, maybe a discount or promotional offer, the fact is, using the social network often will get you more followers and ultimately, more sales.

We have been building on this since 2011 in a variety of ways and our new system is just about as good as it gets, linking an active blog to your website.

Its quite simple really, we build a blog within your current website and then every time you add a new update it populates your blog of course and also your home page and all your social networking sites too.

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As we said earlier, there are the four main social networking sites but others worth joining are Pinterest and tumblr, wordpress and blogspot. There are many others as well that you can join but at the end of the day, they can’t all be populated by your blog and who has the time to log in to each one with your latest update.

The best thing to do is choose the ones your blog can update for you automatically when you add your latest update and then maybe two or three others that you can go into and update yourself individually.

Social Network

The importance of social network sites is quite simple, all the major search engines are looking for regular social networking activity, this shows them you are active on the net and providing regular news and updates and so worthy of higher rankings that your competitor who never updates their site and is trying to survive on a stagnant old uninteresting and outdated website.

This works really well and once a month we build high profile links back to your website and your blog and then we promote those links too.

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The blog we build for you has no limit on the amount of pages you add so for example, if you added a new post every day, your website would grow to an additional 365 pages in just one year.

This can only be good for your business as you will be writing all this yourself so it will be original and unique content on your website and don’t forget your high PR backlinks added every month so the search engines will be listing your efforts.

Another advantage with our system is we also include the “Share this” feature at the bottom of every post you write automatically, see here for an example; website management, just scroll to the bottom, its so people can share your update with others on their social networking sites too, see the advantage?

We can provide your company with a full website management package to suit both your budget and your company requirements.