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Is your website getting enough traffic?

Your company website could be the biggest collector of revenue for your company if it is getting enough traffic, and not only from the search engines, but from social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook etc.

Over this past year the search engines, especially Google, have put so much importance on the content of your website and the social sites it can be found on that without all of this, you could find yourself getting less traffic, and ultimately, less revenue from your website.

These Social platforms are getting noticed more and more by the search engines so you need to be getting more involved with this type of Internet marketing.

Having a blog is a good start, and I am sure you already have Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts, if not, then get signed up today. There are many social platforms you should be using on a weekly basis where possible, the more often you add news to these social platforms the better for your website and your business.

Of course, you may be thinking, how can I possibly find the time to login to all these social networking sites and keep updating them, well there is help, for example, Linkedin will let you connect your blogging site so your updates appear on Linkedin, plus you can link Facebook and Twitter, you can also use Hootsuite, this is quite useful, but what about the rest?

Well, we have configured a system so that when you add a new post to your blog, which is exactly what I am doing here, it will automatically update the home page of our website, check our site here; www.webcentreplus.com and also; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, WordPress, Livejournal, Pinterest, Google plus, Path, RSS Feeds and more.

Contact us today and start getting more traffic.