SEO Link Building



The big question these days is should we still be link building?Truth is, yes, if you suddenly stop building links to your website, and indeed your internal pages, you will be doing more harm than good, yes, everyone is saying that Google is discounting backlinks but this is simply not true.

The problem is, or was, that too many websites were being built that served no real benefit for anyone apart from the person who owned the site, they were just built for the sake of making a few quid, or dollars, these websites would have a continual growth of backlinks created every week all over the Internet and most of these links were irrelevant to the actual content of the site, which would mostly consist of affiliate links and/or Google adsense.

A properly built company website that is online to show case their products and services that is updated on a regular basis and has good quality useful content is an idea of what the search engines are looking for with a steady natural growth of good quality relevant backlinks.

Gone are the days when you could register a search term as a domain and then fill it with affiliate links and other ads and building thousands of links to it for the sole purpose of making some quick cash.

The search engines, and of course us searchers want a good rewarding experience so when we type in plumber in London for example, we don’t want to find websites selling us the latest camera.

If you have a genuine website then build links to it every week, visit websites that are mostly relevant to your site and try and add a link back to your site using good anchor text, for example, it used to be that good anchor text would be your keyword or phrase.

As an example, if you were a car hire firm then you would most likely have that keyword (car hire) as your anchor text for every link you built, but now its much better to have a related key phrase, such as “hire a car today” or similar, basically, don’t use the exact keyword you are trying to get ranked for, use related ones but also remember to add some variety too, never use the same key phrase over and over again.

I have not spent any time on this particular search term myself but as a guess you need to think of lots of related terms to use so apart from car hire and hire a car today, you could maybe use others like “hire a people carrier”, “get discount car hire”, “hire any size car”, “low cost car hire”.

Some may say well this is just long tail keywords, not exactly, a long tail keyword would be “car hire Bedford”, or “get discount car hire” for example, what I have tried to show above is related key phrases and long tails that you can use for your anchor text, use a mixture of them all and have some anchor text’s without the word “car” or “hire” in them.

Just some ideas of course, you need to figure this out for yourself depending on your type of business.

Hope this is of some help to you.