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SEO has changed constantly over the years and the changes have been coming thick and fast over the most recent years, especially the last year or so.

Yes its getting harder, yes its becoming more and more time consuming, however, the fact that many of the low quality websites have been faded out is not such a bad thing, too much cheating has gone on for long enough.

Times are changing for the better, its always been, and still is, possible to rank any website for any keyword, its just a case of time and knowing what you are doing, skills that you need to have developed over many years of constant research and trial and error, not everything works for every website.

Something you should know if you are not doing this already, get on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and get a blog, we have got one of our blogs within our main site,, its pretty basic got it serves its purpose very well. Thing is, when we add another post to our blog, it populates out social sites too.

Internet Marketing from a blog
Internet marketing controlled from your blog