Google Keyword Tool



The Google keyword tool is not accurate.

This is the tool that what many people have used for their keyword research, I have never used it myself as I have always believed it is not accurate, and the results are just an average over the previous 12 months, there is much support for my beliefs too.

This is why we have always used our own technique.

Well it seems a fact that this is true and that your results are far from accurate. For example, the  Google keyword tool will show that a particular keyword phrase receives 10,000 searches per month, but if you are number one for this keyword, you will not get anywhere near this, probably just a few hits.

What you really need to be doing is looking for what people are searching for today, just go to Google and start typing a search term, anything will do, try this, just start to type; “where to” without the quotes, and you will see that Google will show you what people have been searching for and will add other words to it, so add to it this; “where to find”, then “where to find a”, you will soon see what I mean.

You can use this for anything, maybe you have a website about teaching, you could use something like; “how to teach a” (without the quotes), then Google will offer; how to teach a child to swim, how to teach a dog to fetch.

Another trick you can use is to type in; “how to teach a” then add the letter b, this will give you “how to teach a baby to swim” for example, add an f and you will get “how to teach a foreign language” plus a few more, you can go right up the alphabet with this, just give it a try, find terms relating to your business then optimise, (optimize) your website for those terms, it will work and when people find you, at least you are selling exactly what they have just searched for.

Hope this is helpful and of some use to all our readers. If you find you just can’t get enough from Google using this technique, let us know as we know a way to get you 100’s of relevant keyword phrases from Google.