What Makes A Successful Business



Well, it’s much more than having the ability to listen, although in some cases this can be your most important asset.

There are many opinions on this topic but in my mind, and in today’s business world, you need of course something people want, whether you are a builder, a shop owner or web designer, and make sure they can find your website online.

The best way to get found is by using long tail keywords, meaning 3, 4 or 5 keywords that people type in, for example, a car dealer would find it hard to be found for car sales, or cars for sale, and lets face it, you would be better off targeting your local area in this business.

So, think about North London car sales or car sales North London for example, or whatever your local area is. As for web designers, there are plenty in every town and city so you would go for web design services Bedford, or Bedford website design for example.

If you have a website, and of course you have, it needs to show off your products and services, it needs to load fast, and be updated on a regular basis, it’s as simple as that to get a decent position in the search engines, this will not happen over night but it will happen if you have a good user friendly fast loading website.

Also, when you update your website it needs to be connected to a variety of social networking sites too, such as at least, twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr, livejournal, wordpress, blogspot, yahoo, google plus, livejournal, pinterest and RSS feeds.

This will guarantee that the search engines will soon pick up on your regular updates and take notice of your website.

This is what we set up for businesses nowadays and it works very well but you still need some link building as well, not too many but a steady natural growth over time.

Another key feature is your web hosting service, if its slow or unreliable then you need to think about moving on, it is a shame that an established company will spend good money on a web design and printed marketing material but nothing on Internet marketing or a good web hosting service.

If you have a lot of images on your website and you simply have to have them due to the nature of your business, then put them on the relevant pages, not your home page. I have to say, I have seen a furniture website that has every type of furniture it sells on the home page, this of course takes ages to load.

Move the tables to only the tables page, move the sofas to the sofas page etc. Look at your website and see what images you can remove, if its not crucial, then get rid of it, you will eventually see the difference in your search engine positions if you follow these rules, it worked for us.