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Well here we are with a video on how to update your own blog we have installed on your website.

First of all I would like to thank you for joining our growing businesses who realise the importance of updating your own website on a regular basis.

Just login to your blog, click new post on the left, add a title and some content, click add media to select an image from your compiter, on the right choose what category you want the new blog post put in, add a few tags, (keywords), if you want a large picture at the top to show on your social sites, click on Set featured image down the right site, then click publish and you are live, simple.

Blogging has been popular for some time now and to be able to have your own blog built into your own website really is a great step forward for any business.

What makes our blogging system so useful for your online success? It’s the way that it all works together.

It’s so simple to use, all you do is update your blog and you have created a new additional page to your website, not only that, once you have done your update it adds a snippet to your main website home page and also your social networking sites.

All this is good because you are adding regular updates to your site and your social sites too, you are adding new pages and new information and sending out social signals to the search engines and this is what they love.


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