Regular Website Updates



So how often should you update your website? The simple answer is, as often as possible, the more the better, regular website updates are very important these days.

However, its no good just throwing any old rubbish at it, you need to have something to say, and something of use to others.

Ok, a bold claim, thing is, I can write what I think is interesting but others may not, so how would you know? You won’t, but try to add as much as you can, as often as you can but only if you have something useful to say.

I mean, you may have some really great news about a new promotion or discount offer coming up, and of  course, everyone who follow you are most likely going to be interested in it, so tell the world about it, don’t keep it a secret.

If you update often enough on your social networking sites with links going back to your company site you will soon get people interested in watching you with eagerness. Keen to know first about any offers you have or an interesting update that’s worth a read, especially if it can help them with their own business.

A good tool to use as well is a good marketing email package, so once a month you can send out your latest product news or a one off promotion to your subscribers, maybe you can offer a good discount, or maybe even a free offer, these always work well. We have give-a-ways on occasion and of course, people love these.

So when it comes to regular website updates, have a think, try to find something to offer your followers when you can, try to get people to join your mailing list and keep them updated once a month, (not too often or they will unsubscribe), and as they say, the money is in the list, and its true, if you have enough people on your mailing list, you will eventually get the sales.

One way to get noticed is to have one of our blogs installed on your website that links to your social networking sites so every time you add an update, your blog has a new post, your home page is updated and your facebook, twitter, linkedin etc are also updated for you, all on auto.

This is our blog;

If you look at this post you are reading now you can also see it has updated our home page;, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and a few other social networking sites too.