(POLL) What Tasks Does Cloud Computing Handle in Your Business?

Cloud computing has introduced amazing levels of efficiency to businesses. By making resources available from virtually anywhere, your team can access company resources and stay productive.

Even if your entire team is in a single location, with cloud computing the resources you need are a click away. But one of the areas where cloud computing truly excels is recovering from disasters.

Whether you had a data breach or a natural disaster, if you have the right cloud infrastructure in place, full recovery can be minutes away.

How About Your Business?

Is your small business using the cloud?

There are so many ways that cloud computing technology can benefit a small business. It truly can be a game-changer for your small business.

Are you storing files in the cloud or using it for your CRM. What about hosting your website, the cloud now offers a great alternative. The are many options available to you.

So, in this week’s poll question, we want to know what role cloud computing handles for your business.

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