Internet Speed Test

This is just one important factor that many people either do not know about or simply choose to ignore, and a simple internet speed test can help you see what you need to do.

Having a fast loading website is crucial for better search positions so here are a few points that should help you along the way.

First, look at the amount of images you have on your website, do they improve your webdesign? Do they all need to be there? If you do an internet speed test you can then start looking at ways to improve your download speed.

People do not want to hang around waiting for your super impressive picture loaded website to load, remember, it is so easy for them to click the back button on their browser, we all do it don’t we.

If you can speed up your website then not only do your visitors like it, and probably stay a while, but the search engines love it too.

Imagine this, in Google’s eyes, why should your website be at the top of page one when it takes an age to load when your competitors site is just as good and informative and loads twice as quick, who do you think they will favour? Not your site!

It is a fact, Google wants fast loading, interesting websites that people stay on and click through, if they can’t offer this then everyone will use a different search engine, and of course, Google does not want this so what they are doing, and have been doing so for some time now, is getting rid of anything that does not offer a rewarding experience for their searchers.

Look, this is what you have to do, get an internet speed test now, reduce the amount of images or whatever you can to speed up your website, then add a video, this is good for three reasons, first, Google owns Youtube and they like you to use it, second, your visitors like to watch video rather than have to read your text, and third, a video will keep people on your site longer, and this reduces your bounce rate.

If after all this you are still having slow download speeds then find yourself a good UK based business web hosting service

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