How I Run My Business


I am not suggesting this is how you should do it, this is just how I operate.

First thing in the morning i think about my days work over breakfast watching TV, what needs to be done first, i make a list in my mind of 3, the most important jobs first, then the second most important and then the 3rd.

I go through my emails to make sure anything that comes in from customers is dealt with first and then its on to my list.

We all have an order of what are the most important jobs each day, some you can’t wait to get to while others you would rather leave for another time, but this is really not the way to do it, if it needs doing today, then do it, no matter how much you would rather leave it.

Think about the person waiting for their job to be done, imagine if it was you waiting for something to be done and how frustrating it is to have to wait, day after day. I have taken on websites that have previously had to wait for months to have a simple update done, or a new page adding, why?

I do believe you can put this method to any line of work, whether you’re a security company, a web designer or an engineer, it’s still the same. There is nothing better than a happy customer, if you charge the right price and get the job done in the time you promised, everyone is happy.

What really annoys me in business is when you send out your invoices for a job well done, the client is happy but then the end of the month arrives and you don’t get paid. Grrr, i know a lot of companies suffer from this frustrating part of running a business and i do wonder what goes on in the head of some people, just pay the invoice by the due date which is usually 30 days.

I know some small businesses finish a job and the invoice is due NOW, and if you think about it, it is, you have the product or service so let’s have the money please.

Why not try my way of running your business if you are not already doing this, you probably are but there are some of you out there that are so unorganized any little help could go a long way.

So make a list every day, work through it and you may find you have a bit more time for yourself than you ever thought you would have, As they say, all work and no play etc.