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Digital Marketing Plan B2B Marketing


Sick of wasting your precious time updating all your social networking sites? Fed up with trying to make your online business more attractive?

Then you need a digital marketing plan, read our solution we have developed over the last few months and improve your online visibility with social B2B Marketing.

Over the past year we have been building our complete online success package and it is so simple to use with our digital marketing plan.

Every business now has a website,  and most probably a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account, and maybe even a blog too. So how difficult is it to have to update all of these, you add something new to your blog, you log in to your facebook account and add the same information there too, then there is your linkedin and twitter, maybe your google plus account as well.

With our system this is all in the past, this blog post I am writing right now will populate our home page;, our blog of course;, our Facebook, our Twitter, our Linkedin and Google plus plus other social sites too.

All this is done from simply writing one single update. No more logging into several accounts to tell everyone about your new promotion, your latest news or your up coming event.

This is a very low cost solution and includes your web hosting and domain renewals if required.

Blogging has been gaining popularity in recent years and is growing by the day, so is social networking as we all know, but one thing that people often forget is updating your own website on a regular basis.

Google and the other search engines love the digital marketing plan, it shows you have a working website and if people come back and see updates they will stay longer on your site. Visitors who stay on your website and click through to read more on your blog will certainly help with your search engine positions as it removes your bounce rate.

What is bounce rate? It’s when a visitor arrives at your website, find’s it uninteresting and clicks the back button, Google can see this and if your site gets a lot of these, and it will if it never gets updated, you will soon slip down the rankings.

Our system removes this possibility.