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Métiers du digital : responsable web & digital marketing

Le métier de responsable web, témoignage d’un alumni EMLV, diplômé d’école de commerce.

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Las Vegas Web Design | Local Seo Marketing Company | 702 PROS | Website Welcome Introduction Video

Las Vegas Web Design | Local Seo Marketing Company | 702 PROS | Website Welcome Introduction Video

– Local Company Intro Video

Hi Guys, It’s me Justin Young, the Owner of 702 Pros: Web Design and SEO Services.

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Web Design Part 1| Tech Highlights | Bangla tutorial 2019

#web_design #Tech_highlights

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ওয়েব ডিজাইন এর হাতে খড়ি হোক Tech Highlights এর সাথে। আপনি যদি ওয়েব ডিজাইনার হতে চান তবে আমাদের টিউটোরিয়ালগুলো প্র্যাকটিস করুন। ওয়েব ডিজাইন শেখার জন্য কোন ভুয়া ট্রেনিং সেন্টারে আপনার ভর্তি হওয়ার দরকার নেই।… Continue reading

How to Build a Responsive Bootstrap Website From Scratch Part 2

Responsive Bootstrap Website startup files –
These days, you’re nowhere without a website, so there’s a huge value to web development skills. If you want to create responsive websites or applications with fast speed and ease, Then you need… Continue reading

Why Coding is Not Web Design! Why Coding is Not Web Design!
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When people ask me how to become a web designer my first instinct is to tell them to learn HTML coding, but that is actually wrong. To… Continue reading

Website Design, Development & Marketing Process – eSparkBiz – This is the website design, development and marketing process at the full-service web agency, eSparkBiz

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So, You Suck At Web Design | What Can You Do?

If you feel like you suck at Web Design, what can you do to improve your skills or get inspiration?

In this weeks Freelancer Friday from WPTuts we give you some practical tips and help point you in the right… Continue reading

Why I don’t host my websites in the cloud

DevMountain Coding Bootcamp


In this video we will look at the top 10 server side frameworks in 2019.

Some of my other work…


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What is Web Hosting? presents, “What is Web Hosting?”

What is Web Hosting? It may seem quite technical, complex and maybe even intimidating, but don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple. If you are planning on setting up a website, then odds are you… Continue reading

Fitness Website Speed Coding

Time Taken: Just under 1 hour (Could’ve been faster without distractions -.-)

Design by Template Monster (Free Template)

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