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UI Design

UI Design Tutorial – Music Player | HTML CSS Speed Coding

In this UI Design tutorial you will learn to design Music Player using HTML & CSS.

Book for HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

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Fitness Tracking App UI Design

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Web Design ou UI Design? Entenda a Diferença entre UI Design e Web Design

Web Design ou UI Design? Qual a diferença entre Web Design e UI Design? Qual escolher?
Essa dúvida acontece porque nem o mercado e nem os profissionais tem uma definição sobre, quando o assunto é a criação de interfaces… Continue reading

Working in Graphic Design vs UI/UX or Web Design

Find out what it’s like working as a graphic designer vs. a UI/UX or web designer. I’ll cover the differences in project types, management styles, and overall goals for each. If you are wondering whether to have a career in… Continue reading

Adobe XD Tutorial Responsive Web Design

In this video, we will learn about Adobe XD: How to make your website to responsive for mobile.

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Adobe XD:

Sketch App Flinto Grab App:

Sketch App Flinto Blog App:

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Pretzel Web Design & Stuff – from the Adobe Livestream 03/28/17

I stream every Tuesday evening at 4pm Pst on the Adobe channel at

This past livestream, I worked on a homepage design for the upcoming Pretzel Music App. Give it a try!

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Daily Design+Code 003 | Web Design – Landing Page Design on Sketch

– Daily Design+Code 003 | Web Design – Landing Page Design on Sketch this is 3 challenge design+code where I am going to design the website on a sketch.

– My objective to design the website for an agency which… Continue reading

Event Landing Page in Web Design using Sketch App Tutorial

How to design the landing page for Event in website design using Sketch app from mac.

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What is brutalism in web design?

Brutalism’s one of the latest trends to hit web design; here’s a bit of web design 101 on this controversial design trend. What do you think about brutalist web design – love it or hate it? Let us know in… Continue reading

Foxtype Responsive Web Design in Sketch Tutorial

How to design responsive website design with fox illustration in sketch app from mac version 4. This tutorial good for beginners who wants to learn about grid system.

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