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Create portfolio website using Google sites. No coding required!

A demonstration on how to use google sites to create simple portfolio site

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Create a theme selector with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP – Web Design Tutorial

In this video we’ll be creating a theme selector using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP – it’s super easy to do and doesn’t require that much expertise.

Of course, this will work with any server-side language but I’m using PHP… Continue reading

Styling HTML tables with CSS – Web Design/UX Tutorial

View the code on CodePen:

In this video we’re going to take a look at how to style HTML tables using CSS – this is an example of how I like to style up tables, you can easily take… Continue reading

Make your table rows clickable (with a link) – Web Design Tutorial

As you cannot make an entire table row (tr) clickable (or linkable) using plain HTML, we need to resort to JavaScript in order to achieve this effect.

In this video we’ll be looking at a technique to get around this… Continue reading

Web Design Speed Art – iPhone X Inspired App Website | FIGMA

Hi Everybody. Today i am bringing you another episode where you will see how to design this sleek looking, minimalistic one page website. The new Apple iPhone X was the inspiration for this design and as you can see this… Continue reading

How to Make a Basic Static Web Design Project

This Video Tutorial Shows you How to make a Basic Static Web Design Project Using Table Layout and Frames.

Web Design Topic : Wild Life

Download Project : id=0ByEuft3B6NjzWlBBZHU1Zm1FZFk

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Business Marketing Plan for Website Structure What you need to focus on when you plan your business website structure for marketing your business.

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