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live coding

Material Design Cards – Live Coding with Jesse

See a professional front-end developer at work.

Today I will build out the Team page. There is a lot of content for this page, so I need to come up with some way to display it all without seeming too… Continue reading

Recreating Facebook UI with HTML and CSS (live coding screencast)
Mobile Consultant & Entrepreneur in San Francisco.
This is a screencast where we recreate Facebook’s user interface using web technologies (HTML5, CSS and Javascript). The source code can then be easily placed within a PhoneGap (aka Cordova) project to… Continue reading

Part 2: Live Coding | Build a Developer Portfolio Site | YouTube API

Today we played around with build tools. We finally decided on React and TypeScript to build our project and discussed async and await with the YouTube API.

My Courses with huge discounts:
-JavaScript 360: part 1… Continue reading

Coffee And Code #5 Docker In Motion Live Coding The Website #2

In episode 5 of Coffee and Code we are going to live code the next part of the Docker in Motion website.
Docker in Motion is a Docker course that I am building for Manning Publications.
During the course you… Continue reading

Web Design HTML & CSS / Space Theme Website / [LIVE CODING]

Software used: Sublime text 3
Language used: HTML 5, & CSS 3

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