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These are the best drag and drop website builder. No need to learn code to make your own website. Create responsive website without coding using these Top 5 website builder, Fully drag and drop!

Top 5
5. Themify builder
4.Visual… Continue reading

Entry Level HTML & JavaScript Calculator | HTML CSS JavaScript Tutorial

QM Learning: Learn how to create/design/make an entry level right angle triangle HTML calculator/website with CSS and JavaScript using Notepad++.

Topics covered include:
• Basic HTML structure
• Headings
• Line Breaks
• Inputs
• Buttons
• JavaScript
• CSS… Continue reading

How to use GitHub with Unity

Let’s set up GitHub to work with Unity!

● Github’s Website:
● Download Github Desktop:
● Unity .gitignore:

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♥ Donate:
♥ Subscribe:

● Website:
● Facebook:… Continue reading

Bukkit Coding ~ Episode 1: Test Plugin

In this first video, we learn how to make a simple Test command!

Eclipse ~
Bukkit ~
Set Up Server ~

Code: ~
plugin.yml ~

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[PART 1] How to Choose Best Domain & Hosting Services for your business – WordPress Web Design

Hi Friends,

Todays I going to discuss… How to Choose Best Domain & Hosting Services for your business. Finding the best web hosting service for your business can be very confusing. Here’s what you should look for.

GoDaddy Domain &… Continue reading

Python Programming Tutorial | Learn Python programming | Python language

Learn Python in One Video (For Absolute Beginners)
In this video I will cover Python, Tutorials, Learning, Beginners, Basics, Object Oriented Language, Methods, Overriding, Methods, Tuples, Tools/Utilities, Exceptions Handling, Programming.
Python Tutorial for Beginners – Learning Python in simple and… Continue reading

New way of CODING in Unity! ECS Tutorial

This changes everything! ECS is here so let’s see how it works!

This video is sponsored by Unity.

EDIT: ECS can now be obtained via the package manager.

● Manifest.json Text:
● ECS Documentation:
● More on Pure… Continue reading

Learning Bootstrap – Adding Logo in Navigation Bar & Banner Image

Adding Logo in Navigatio Bar & Banner with Bootstrap:
In this video we are going to add Logo to the Navigation Bar and Banner to our website or HTML file using bootstrap.

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2D Lights in Unity!

Let’s learn how to make 2D lights using the new 2D Renderer in Unity!

● Check out Zenva Academy’s curriculums:
● Sign up for the free boot camp:

● Project Files:

● Unity Samples:

● 2D… Continue reading

CSS Tutorial for Beginners – 01 – Introduction to CSS

In this video we go over the basic structure of CSS. This series will cover all the latest concepts including CSS3.

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