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Coding Livestream – How to Create a Website from Scratch. w/ Html CSS | RichardEngineer

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» Today I want to build with you my last project: the Mars Website.
» Probably there will be 2 parts because the website is big and I don’t want to write too fast.
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9.12: Local Server, Text Editor, JavaScript Console – p5.js Tutorial

This video looks at how you develop p5.js sketches (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files) using any text editor. I demonstrate how to run a Python local server as well use the Chrome developer tools / JavaScript console.

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Coding Challenge #3: JavaScript Music Website Play and Pause a Song with one Click on the Same Image

Welcome, Create JavaScript Music Website play and pause a song with one click on the same image using Audio object.

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2.4 Saving to a Database – Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript


It’s time to add a database! Let’s learn why databases are important. For this video, I’ll start by using NeDB for the Data Selfie App.

🔗 NeDB:
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Coding Challenge #147: Chrome Dinosaur Game (with Speech Commands machine learning model!)

In this challenge, I attempt to make my own version of Google’s Dinosaur Game (T-Rex run!) with a unique twist — controlling the dinosaur (unicorn, in this case) with a machine learning Speech Commands model!

💻 Code:

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What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

What programming language to learn first? Watch this video to find out.

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JSON and AJAX Tutorial: With Real Examples

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In this JavaScript tutorial we learn what JSON and AJAX are and how to use them to load new data into our webpage on-the-fly.

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1.5 Mapping Geolocation with Leaflet.js – Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript


In this video I use Leaflet.js to add an interactive map to the page and place the ISS location as a marker.

🔗 Leaflet.js:

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Introduction to Progate ( Website for coding )


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This video is a quick tutorial on how to use . I’ve used progate on and off for about 2 years now and… Continue reading

JavaScript Template Literals: JSON to HTML

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