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Dev Tips

How to Make a Full Screen Landing Page (HTML & CSS)

Nicolai Andersen wants to know how to make a full screen landing page. We can do that 🙂

It’s easy with just a little html and css. Checkit on Codepen –

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My Code Editor: Atom, Setup & Packages

I’ve gotten this question so much lately that it’s time to make a video about it. Let’s look at my current favorite code editor, my setup and packages that I use.

– – –

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How to Build a Responsive Website From Start to Finish – Coding the Header and Footer – part 4

Today we get into the meat of coding out the site. We code out the header and footer of the project. It’s fun!

Check out the Github project here to follow along:

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Learn FLEXBOX | Flexbox Explained in 5 Minutes | RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN | Learn CSS3

I’ll say again what is a flexbox: It is a CSS3 layout mode that provides an easy and clean way to arrange items within a container. There’s no floats, its responsive and mobile friendly. You’ll find positioning the child elements… Continue reading