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Coding Challenge #68.1: Breadth-First Search Part 1

In this two part challenge, I cover the Breadth-First Search algorithm and implement it in JavaScript. My demo application is “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” (finding the closest relationship between Kevin Bacon and another actor). This challenge is part of… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #94.2: 2048 – Part 2

In this multi-part coding challenge, I attempt to code the sliding puzzle game 2048 in JavaScript using canvas and p5.js. I continue the game mechanics in part 2.

🎥 Part 1:
🎥 Part 3:
🎥 Part… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #122.2: Quick, Draw! Continued

The “Quick, Draw!” dataset is now available via an official Google API + web component. In this challenge follow-up, I explore drawing the doodles with p5.js in an HTML5 canvas.
#api #quickdraw

💻 Code:
🎥 Part 1:

Links… Continue reading

Coding Livestream – How to Create a Website from Scratch. w/ Html CSS | RichardEngineer

Donation link:

» Today I want to build with you my last project: the Mars Website.
» Probably there will be 2 parts because the website is big and I don’t want to write too fast.
» I’m not… Continue reading

React Native Web Deployment (P7D8) – Live Coding with Jesse

Project 7 Day 8: Today we will deploy our React Native game as a web app!

See a professional software engineer at work. Unscripted. Mistakes included.

Project Repo:


Code Editor: Visual Studio Code… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #102: 2D Water Ripple

In this coding challenge, I attempt to simulate 2D water ripples using Processing (Java).


Links discussed in this challenge:
🔗 2D Water:
🎥 Cellular Automata:
🎥 Game of Life Challenge:

💖Membership:… Continue reading

WhiteHat Jr Class Experience | #1 Online Coding Course for kids

Less than 5% of schools taught mathematics during the Industrial Revolution. Widespread unemployment followed until schools added Mathematics to the curriculum.

Today, in the computer age, less than 1% of schools teach coding in early childhood. Result, a major gap… Continue reading

Chromebook and HTML Editey, Coding for Beginners, HTML and CSS, TechnoHTML by TechnoKids

Coding for Beginners Lessons: how to insert images if using a Chromebook and HTML Editey with the TechnoHTML technology project by TechnoKids Inc. For Assignment 6 in TechnoHTML, a technology project to build a web page using HTML and CSS… Continue reading

web hosting meaning in kannada – what is domain name ? in kannada | kannada | 2019 |

Cheap web hosting from $3 per year

web hosting meaning in kannada – what does “web hosting” mean?

in this video you’ll learn what hosting is and we’ll identify the four types of hosting available at godaddy…

source –… Continue reading

Coding Challenge #71: Minesweeper

In this challenge, I attempt to code the classic game Minesweeper in JavaScript with the p5.js library. This video builds on some previous tutorials related to the Prototypes and multi-dimensional arrays in JavaScript.


Links discussed in… Continue reading