A beginners guide to SVG | Part One: The Why, What, and How

There are a lot of good reasons that we should be using SVGs, but they can seem complicated and scary. This video, which is part one of a mini-series exploring …

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  1. I just saw you for the first time on your CSS battle on Web Dev Simplified, and then I searched for a SVG tutorial and this video came up. Thanks for all the helpful videos! Can't wait to watch through the rest of your content.

  2. The vector is called as scalable because its magnitude 'can be' increased in vector space without changing the direction of it. That' why SVG scale-able vector
    you can change vector length on zoomimg but pixel is a constant box of size and is not increasing its length…-
    I hope it helps. Plz reply If have wrong, because I telling this on basis with physics.. If I am wrong I will delete this comment so no wrng information pass through community.

  3. I'm just starting out and am loving your channel, thank you. One quick thing: features deprecate, cars depreciate. And to any haters I say this: whenever someone mispronounces a word it's because they've learned it through reading rather than hearing which deserves mad respect.

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