Hosting AirBnB Rentals – Tips from an AirBnB Superhost – AirBnB Business

Phil Wybo breaks down his experiences, and shares tips and tricks on how to become a airbnb superhost. Becoming an airbnb host is attractive to many …

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  1. Great video. I can relate to most of what you say. I'm hosting a very special one of a kind place in Finland. It's a boat with a Sauna, one-bedroom, roof terrace, and a kitchen on it. I've built the whole thing myself and it's my pride and joy. Everybody's been loving it so far and I have 4,8 rating. I had my first bad customers today… They're complaining mostly about problems that don't exist. Just prepare yourself for that and try to stay calm when negotiating with these people. Reasonable, one-time refund might be a small price to pay to get rid of these problematic people in some cases.

  2. You’re probably a nice guy, but you come off sounding a little bit like a jerk in this video. I’ll bet you’re not really a jerk, but a few off hand comments, which would probably be fine in a private conversation, sound very off-putting in a public venue. I’m just trying to be helpful, not putting you down.

  3. So $99 a night but $56 cleaning every time on top of insurance, hydro, coffee, gift cards ect.??? Occupancy rate and number of nights or "long distance stay" would be key! Do it yourself cleaning would work but I see how that would be disgusting and time consuming. Kinda sounds like uber driving and how there would be a strong need for hustle and customer service.Thanks for the information though!

  4. People want to be able to walk to bars and clubs, sporting events and concerts but to do that they need to pay a premium price. For those that want to go to these events take a Uber or Lyft.

  5. Ima trucker if I buy a duplex with VA loan which means it can’t be assumed under an LLC so basically rental income won’t be taxed or even known can I long term rent one side and Airbnb my side while I’m away??? Also my city Orlando Airbnb laws says I have to live on the other side of the duplex that I am short term renting ??? (Loophole??)

  6. I have to laugh when I see videos like this. People never learn…just don't use/support Airbnb. Results:

    – Airbnb: winner
    – traveler: loser
    – owner: loser
    – community: loser

  7. Excellent advice. Before even starting though, check out your State, County and local laws and ordinances regarding vacation rental properties. In Wisconsin, for example, they are called 'tourist rooming houses.' Rules vary greatly and the time to find out about any limitations (some towns will only let owners rent their properties for a limited number of days per year and there are minimum/maximum days per stay), state/county/municipal taxes and filing requirements, licensing requirements and inspections, etc. is at the beginning. It takes reading and research but by being armed with full knowledge you'll be off to a great start.

  8. OMG!!! When you mentioned location and people giving location a poor rating even after knowing ALL details about the location before booking. So annoying when the few do that. Luckily, I still have a 4.9 star rating.

  9. 3 comments from a USA Airbnb Host; 1. I use a Ring stick up camera at front door with video recording to see how and how many people enter and leave and it also allow me to talk to them if they are having problems working the electronic lock. 2. All tenant laws here vary state to state so ensure you understand what rights tenant's have after 28 days. In New York it took a property manager 23 YEARS to evict a tenant for non-payment. 3. I use to adjust my rental rates daily to maximize rates for holidays and special events. Free period to try their service and then they charge 1% of booked revenue. My 4 bedroom house with pool would lease for $1300 a month USD or annual income at 100% occupancy of $15,600.00. On Airbnb it produced gross income of $41,220.07 and $6,160.39 from HomeAway for a total gross income of $47,380.46

  10. I don't think the RTA says anything about 28 days. Perhaps it has been in some RTA rulings, but otherwise its extremely subjective – they can be "seasonal" like if it were for out of town crop workers or vacationers and still not be a "tenancy". If I'm wrong, I'd really appreciate being proven wrong 🙂

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