Live PHP Coding Stream #1 Creating OOP course for FreeCodeCamp – Setting up the Docker environment

In this live coding stream I begin to setup the PHP OOP course that I am developing for FreeCodeCamp. This includes building the Dockerfile and docker-compose file for the Docker containers.

The course will teach OOP in PHP whilst demonstrating the build of a web application.

On twitter ( I asked which app you would like me to build. The options are:
– To-do app
– Invoicing app
– Note taking app


This is an archived live coding stream from the How To Code Well Twitch channel.
Watch the stream here

I am building this project for a FreeCodeCamp course that I am developing. The project will be an invoicing system which will be written in PHP and use MySQL and Docker.
– The project will have no PHP frameworks.
– The FreeCodeCamp course will teach OOP in PHP
– The live streams will only show the development of the project and not the actual course

The code can be found here:
The repository name may change

In today’s stream I created the Docker images and containers, created the basis for the templating engine and worked on the applications structure.

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