The Coding Train: revisiting ml5.js!

Revisiting ml5.js!

0:00 Start!
7:45 Introduction
19:36 Processing ml5.js Fellowships
21:09 Setting Up
38:51 Coding Challenge start
41:16 Planning what to do
44:07 Training the Model
50:16 Adding graphics
57:44 Connecting To OBS Studio
1:02:32 Using OBS Virtual Camera
1:05:46 Sending OBS output to Zoom
1:09:01 Showing a web browser on OBS
1:33:45 Training more gestures
1:40:39 Adding more images and videos
1:57:47 Showing the results
2:01:49 Conclusions and goodbyes

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  1. It's a humble request ! sir please make a video on "how to upload our games on play store and where we can make our games? I mean which is best platform like p5 editor or other editor which is best. sir please make. I am requesting you |

  2. Hello, good afternoon, my name is Josué Arreola, I am a student of Systems Engineering and Digital Business at IEST Anáhuac Tampico, MX. I am a member of the systems students society and we would like to count on your participation so that you can give me and my classmates a clashcourse type for those of the career and know how to use git and github to be efficient, work together and then do his simpler life, could you support us ??? Thanks in advance, it doesn't have to be something super long it can be less than 1hr

  3. Hello Sir thanks for the stream. I'm a huge fan for your teaching.
    Literally i went through almost all the tutorials but didnt found someone like you.
    SIR if possible can you make video tutorials on C++ or JAVA Programming ?
    Also on Front end and BACK end Technologies such as Angular, React.js, node.js etc….
    Waiting for your response sir……
    Thank you in Advance….

  4. I really appreciate your sessions, but, you'd ever asked yourself, by using all this cloudy tools, which system do you feed? Any system provided by others, needing an upload of my training material, trains also in the meantime a system, I can't control, I even don't know, what are the aims of training for the system I feed. Just my 2 cent.

  5. I LOVE your videos really helpful and in a language I understand. I was hoping you could make some intro videos on how to code in google scripts. I would love to be able to create better slides for my lessons in my classroom.

  6. It's too long !!! I'm losing interest in watching this long I have one request bro can you make a video on establishing communication between P5 and Processing using TCP or UDP or …. anything [So we don't need to re-write the JS to Java or vice versa again]

  7. man i had a revelation, this could be amazing to translate sign language, and to learn it…
    if anyone is interested in sign language too we could do something 🙂

    i just realize this needs to be trained by every person…that's more complicated…still has some use…

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