Where should you buy a domain name? (2020) | 7 Options Compared

When building a brand and a website, the first thing you’ll want to do is buy a domain name. There are so many registrars out there, so where should you buy a domain?

Domain registrars (in order):

GoDaddy: https://craylor.co/godaddy
Dynadot: https://craylor.co/dynadot
Porkbun: https://craylor.co/porkbun
Hover: https://craylor.co/hover
Namecheap: https://craylor.co/namecheap
Google Domains: https://craylor.co/gdomains
Domain.com: https://craylor.co/domaindotcom

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  1. I bought my domain in Godaddy and built my organization. Then they wrote 10 times higher prices in my next year!!! So Asked them how this is possible, they said it is market prices it happens. Then, I had to quit it, because I dont wanna pay ten times higher prices each year and how much it will be in ten years??! lots of trouble because of them. So if you wanna make a brand never ever ever buy a domain from godaddy if you dont wanna end up paying thousands of dollars only for a domain name. Please like my comment so that nobody will lose money like me…

  2. Hey, thank you for your video, it was really helpful!
    what do you think abour premium DNS at namecheap, i tried to buy a domain and they offered it and i don't know if i need it or they're just trying to upsell it to me?

  3. Don't ever use Godaddy. Use Epik.com. Free SSL on your park domains, free privacy, it's cheaper than all of them out there, and more importantly, they don't give a fuck about your politic. Unlike Godaddy and all the others, Epik will never kick you off their platform because of your views.

  4. Hi Chris! In the beginning you speak into WHOIS protection. And on another website (namepros.com) I saw you and someone commenting about this (back in May 2019). The other person said that namecheap did use the e-Mailadresse “support@namecheap.com” as WHOIS contact and I understand the person meant it as a complaint or negative aspect for namecheap. You mentioned then you’d probably bail at them if this happened to you. So, my question is: what should they be showing then instead? Many thanks Melanie

  5. Hi Chris! Many many thanks for this post!! Suuuper helpful! Can you speak a bit into PremiumDNS offered by namecheap? When I look up same domain on Dynadot for example, they do not offer that explicitly. Is it maybe included at Dynadot, but they don’t mention it? TY!!!! Melanie

  6. Can you make a video on choosing a Shopify theme for clothing ? Or how can we get one that allows customers to add their own letterings to their shirt? For example like them typing in “baby” for instance on the shirt or just being able to type in what ever they want and being able to see how it looks on the mockup .Since I can print on garments . I can’t seem to a theme for that

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