Google Domains Review: 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch Today!

Are you wondering which is the best domain name registrar out there? Here are 9 reasons why I consider ‘Google Domains’ as the best domain name registrar and why you should switch to Google Domains today!
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  1. Could somebody help please, I have some domains that I purchased at "Google Domains", I want to try and sell them, but I do not see any info on "Google Domains" How do I sell my domains on "Google Domains"? I have looked all over and can't find any info on this. Thanks for any help.

  2. hello sir,
    I purchased a domain name from Godaddy late year and I have on the plan to renew it and the person is taking care of my website is not able to handle the website. So my question is if I not renew the website and domain from Godaddy. so it is possible to continues the website name in the google domain.

  3. Sir what about hosting….
    I am confused with domain and hosting and to create my website…. Please help and clear my doubts…. I also feel that google domain is best among rest…. And is it enough to have only domain to run a website?

  4. I Want to buy a domain but I want to host using google itself no wix or go daddy, the problem Is I am unable to understand how does the pricing and bandwidth works in this system. do I buy a domain and use Google Sites
    (Free ?) and host using my google drive or do I have to buy gsuite basic then I will get 30gb space but what about Bandwidth PLEASE help me understand

  5. does g suite provides website builder in its email package without any extra cost? i was seeing the pricing of g suite basic plan and was comparing it to namecheap(we have to buy separate webssite builder 20GB in namecheap.)

  6. Hi Pramod, I have like 40 domain names with Google domains (here in Canada) but when I adquired each domain… Google put a note that I can only use it for business or commercial purposes in my country…. But I use it for personal, do you think is there a problem? Thanks

  7. horse shit google domains is Mickey Mouse. Good luck trying to get help if things go wrong. At least with hosting services there is online help. With most google services your own your own. So be warned. Just so you know I do use google services and I like them but they are not that simple to use and they take a long time to propagate.

  8. enjoyed the video. I was thinking of using HostGator until I saw this video, Google was my first choice, to begin with. Who, or what app do you recommend for building a website that will adhere to Googles ads compliance policies?

  9. Hello, Could you please help me? I have a doubt, I have paid for Gmail a specific domain for $5, and now I went to Dynadot to buy the domain to do the website and it seems it has been taken, What is that mean? I had taken the domain because I purchase de @domain and then it disappeared? Or it really happened and somebody else bought it?

  10. Professional mailboxes are also available with the domain name or I need to purchase that separately. If I need to purchase that separately, then can you tell me the procedure.

    By the way, this video is very informative. Thank you

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