How to Make a Website with GoDaddy Domain – 2019

Learn how to set up and make a wesbite with godaddy. If you have a godaddy domain and want to set up a website, this video will show you how.

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Text tutorial:

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Video link for full video on how to make a wordpress website for free 2018:

Learn how to make a website with godaddy in this two part series on how to make a website using godaddy.

We have a text tutorial and 6 simple steps to set up your website so you can start learning how to use godaddy to make your website and build your website to look however you want.

More to come but until then…enjoy and subscirbe!

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  1. I just bought domain name from godaddy 1 year and just customize and using theme by godaddy website builder. I dont buy web hosting at godaddy or any web hosting provider. Is that my domain name still connect for 1 year?

  2. So I did this step by step (kinda) because I don't know shit about computers and I need to build a website. I paid for the domain on go daddy then you said to go to Host Gator for WordPress because it would be cheaper. Did that. Now I'm stuck. I spent days building my website on Go Daddy. Now I can't connect the WordPress with the domain. I went through all the steps. Is there no way to build the website on go daddy? Do you have to build it on Hostgator wordpress?

  3. I own a 1 or 2 domain names But I don't have a personalised email address But a website I want to join requires a personalised email Eg one connected to a website address I own etc

    How do I get an email address for free that isn't a Gmail etc

  4. So I completed my site with the website builder and tried to apply SEO services. Paid over 330$ for 2yrs, only to be told that the SEO services are not available for the theme I chose. I do not recommend GoDaddy at all. Learn HTML and build it yourself !

  5. Thank you so much for this video it was very helpful. I am thinking of creating a website using godaddy and have a question how can i get more views on my web site? Also how long does it take to have a completed web site. And can you offer me some more link's on how to get started.

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