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Why “SEO” is So “Yesterday” for Small Business Online Marketing

SEO is frequently overrated as an online marketing strategy.

It used to be that SEO was the first thing people requested after they did a website redesign. The truth is that lots of businesses, SEO is the only website marketing strategy that they have ever heard of. Sad but true.

I’m not saying that SEO is meaningless, but in terms of online marketing strategies that can produce REAL results in a reasonably quick period of time, it has become secondary (or “SO yesterday”) in my not-so-humble opinion. 😉

I’m passionate about this subject because I’m committed to supporting progressive and forward-thinking organizations to make a difference, and that means working digital marketing strategies that produce tangible results (like list-building and opportunities for multiple “touches”), help build meaningful relationships, and offer a respectable ROI. I don’t think that’s too much to ask from an investment in marketing. Do you?

I explain more about why SEO is so “yesterday” for small business online marketing in this video, or if you want to hear about the strategy that I call “Relationship Funnels” please check out my Power Briefing videos on that subject here:

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