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laravel website from scratch

new laravel framework website development system is fun.
Today I will show you laravel website development system from the beginning so let us start.
To start working with laravel please visit website everything is explained there or you can get full documentation.
To start coding laravel you have to install composer. To install composer please visit
As you see the website you can read more about composer from this website. Click get start button and start download composer setup.exe for windows
As I showed you
System Requirements#
Composer requires PHP 5.3.2 or above.
Composer setup is downloading and I will install
Sorry for mistake please go to bellow page and you can find setup.exe file and start downloading file.
So after install the composer please visit website.
I cancel downloading the file b/c I have already installed.
As you see the laravel website is opened so let scroll and start using it.
Click documentation.
Laravel utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. So, before using Laravel, make sure you have Composer installed on your machine.
After composer installation open command prompt and write down this.
composer global require laravel/installer
click enter
I didn’t click enter button b/c I have already installed laravel cli
After the cli install write down laravel new blog.
But befor you have to install xamp or wamp server
I have installed xamp on my machine. As you see it I opened c drive and xampp directory there htdocs directory is and open it. All your website file will be put inside htdocs.
Plese make directory inside htdocs in cmd.
As you see it xamp website you can download and install it according to your machine spec.
So let me start xamp server
Click start button for apache and click start for mysql database server.
As you see it xamp server is started and running.
Now I will make test directory inside htdocs.
As you see it I created test directory using cmd inside I will create laravel new test website. I just started downloading laravel template please wait for a minute according to your internet speed.
Welcome back after laravel installation complete look the cmd and it says
Application ready! Build something amazing.
Now go to test directory again and I will open using vscode editor. Please download this editor it is free.
Or you can use sublime, atom or notepad editor.
As you see it vscode editor opened and there are a few directories but for now, I will show you the views and controller directories.
To access controller directory
Open App Http Controllers.
The controllers file is where our logic code is available.
To access the views file go to resource then views
Views file is where our user interface (html, css, javascript) is available.
To view the website using browser go to http://localhost/test/test/
But as you see it is not opened but file directories. So go to public and open index.php
As you see it index.php is compressed file from views/welcome.blade.php
To see this welcome page go to views to see the difference change laravel into a test.
As you see it every UI is available inside views not in public files uses the compressed file of views file and at production time. During development time we code views files.
As you see it laravel uses MVC model system.
M= model. where our database logic available
V=views. where the user interface is available
C=controller. to connect both view and model.
Thank you for watching… we will continue soon.

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