In this simple Google Cloud Platform tutorial on how to upload a single page website on Google Cloud Platform free tier. You can also use this Google Cloud tutorial using Bootstrap. The procedure is the same, you just have more folders to upload to your Google Cloud Storage.

Google is offering a free trial and good opportunity to learn and use GCP. It has two parts: a 12-month and $300 credit. If you’ve used up your $300 credit and it’s less than 12 months, Google will start charging you.

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Info regarding Storage classes

Here’s how to add a CNAME from different registrars:

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0:14 How to Create Storage
0:32 How to Create a Bucket
1:57 How to Upload files to your Bucket
3:19 How to change CNAME on Google Domains

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  1. Hey, many thanks. Super simple instructions and easy to follow. Site was up in minutes! 🙂 Quick question. I'm using a free HTML template which works well. It includes a contact form, which I'm unsure how to connect using Google's static/storage containers only? Any ideas or recommendations to do this using this setup? Cheers

  2. Amazing!!!
    simple easy short, keep it this way. one thing it worth to mention that share publicly apparently has been change since this video publish, now you have to 
    1. click three dots
    2. Edit permissions
    3. Add item, then you add (User, "allUsers", Reader)
    4. Save

  3. Incredible and to the point tutorial! Thanks a lot bro.

    Few QN/Answers:
    1. Now, if I want to host my second static website what do I do? Just create a new bucket and repeat? ANS: Yes.
    2. How can I assign a static IP address for each of my websites?
    3. How to setup custom Email ( for each Websites?


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