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How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website in 2018


So you want to make money online and the best part without even having a website. Is this possible? Of course!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing consists on promoting products belonging to other people. Whenever you successfully sell a promoted product you receive a commission.

What Type Of Affiliate Products You Have?

You can either choose to promote physical or virtual (informational) products. Physical products include: laptop, headphones, kitchen equipment, travels, etc.

On the other hand, virtual products are: e-book, video courses and membership plannings.

Of course, you may promote both. Anyway, each one has a different advantage. For instance with virtual product you can earn commissions up to 75%.

Instead with physical products about 5%. The main advantage of physical products is that they tend to sell better online.

What Are The Best Affiliate Programs?
Here is a listing of several programs you may join as an affiliate:

1. Clickbank –
2. Jvzoo –
3. Mobe –
4 – Amazon Associates –
5 – Sandals Affiliate Program –

How To Start Promoting Products?
Most people tend to complicate affiliate marketing. However, the truth is far simpler!

Just join a program or platform. Search for highly profitable products and start sending traffic to their landing page through your affiliate link.

The trick is to really master a source of traffic and knowing how to choose the right product and audience. If you know how to combine both then you will make money online.

In my case, I prefer to do video marketing because I enjoy producing videos. But if this isn’t something you like then choose another traffic source. It can either be paid or organic traffic.

Always remember either one or another you will always pay. Either with your time or money.

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