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Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing Part 1 of 11

In this video we will proceed through various components of Online Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Internet Affiliate Marketing could be defined as a procedure where makers of goods and services use virtual or online sales reps to signify their goods on the world wide web.

Where the tracking and payment of clicks, leads, sales, all of this took flight as the Internet is, the definition of affiliate marketing generally refers to the Web.

Before the Internet, it had been much harder to physically monitor sales and payments to people. Before The Internet, most firms focused on one or two tactical relationships that could drive business for them.

Shortly following the Internet took shape, several technologies we are devised for click-tracking and automated payments. With one of these creations, clicks became simpler to monitor and payment systems allowed for hundreds if not thousands of virtual sales representatives to market and collect commissions to get an individual product.

Since that time, affiliate marketing has skyrocketed to become one of the most sought after business models on the web. Affiliate marketing also has a low financial barrier to entry. This has made it the online marketing model that most optimistic marketers select as their first plan of attack.

In this segment of the NicheBuilder training we’ll cover the various elements of Online Affiliate Marketing in the order you will strike them as you develop your organization. These items include but are not restricted to…

Market Research, Niche Choice
Affiliate Networks
Merchandise Selection
Offer Choice
Web Page Design
Funnel Layout
Choose-In Vs. No Pick-In
Traffic Generation
Product Launches
Conversion Optimization

Using one of our traffic models, the TAM or Traffic Accumulation Model, I found several other keywords in the same niche that had relatively low competition.
Spinning a web of sites across this particular niche I touched on a related keyword that converted amazingly. It started throwing numbers on the board every single day. Not gobs, but $30-$45 a day.

Seeing that this was good, I dug down and did more keyword research to find eight to ten other terms related to the first term and started building sites around all of them.

From there, that little business grew from $211 per month to over $17,000 on a consistent basis. Over time, other competitors have joined the niche who spend much more of their day worrying about their competing sites than I do.

My income has dropped a little here and there, but it’s still well over $10,000 per month with about twenty minutes of work on any of those sites each month.
UPDATE: With a bit more consistent effort, I was able to revive these sites back to an $18k/mo+ net on average. Here is an account screenshot from today:

I’m only sharing the numbers with you so you understand I’ve been in your shoes.
I started this business with almost nothing. I was living in Colombia with my wife (then girlfriend) and we were expecting our son Matteo. I didn’t have any other option but to make a living online. My Spanish wasn’t good enough to work in that country and the wages in Colombia are somewhat pathetic when compared to the U.S. cost of living.

So I had to dig in. And hopefully with this lesson I’m going to help you do the same.
Only help people that ask for it.

One last side-note I’d like to share with you in this intro. I’d like to offer up a warning that could save you a lot of time and grief as you become a successful marketer.

The past several years have taught me a lot about myself and about relating to others. At first, I was so excited to be making a bunch of money online. I wanted to share what I was doing with everyone, and also give everyone a chance to make the same money.

Turns out, if people don’t want to work at it, you can teach them all day long, but they are still never going to do anything. It actually seems like they would just prefer you fail, rather than create a similar income in their life. So for now, I just keep my mouth shut and only help the people that actively seek me out for advice.

You however, can consider yourself part of the group that has asked for help. Not only have you asked, but you are investing money here in your business that could be spent so many other ways. That shows John and I that you are serious about this business, making us serious about helping you get the results you want in your life.

One final note on this intro. Affiliate marketing has completely changed my life. I went from struggling to make rent to renting out penthouse apartments around the world. If I had known the “other side” of residual income was as good as it has been, I would have worked three times harder to put the initial business in place.

So now that you know little bit about me, let’s dig into the subject matter. The first step in getting your affiliate business going is to do some market research.

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