Create a Membership Website with WordPress – Accept Payments – Full Tutorial 2018

Learn how to create a membership website with WordPress, step by step. I have been requested numerous times to put up a tutorial to teach people how to make a membership site, so here it is!

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0:01:02 – Live Membership Demo
Theme Download:


0:06:42 – Acquire www. domain and hosting

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0:13:52 – Installing WordPress
0:21:27 – Connect Domain with Hosting (if domain purchased elsewhere). Important!
0:23:56 – Initial Settings and Design Installation
0:31:50 – Posts vs Pages, and when to use them


0:37:08 – Install the Membership Plugin
0:38:43 – Generate Membership Site Pages
0:39:00 – Add New Membership Level
0:47:44 – Accepting Payments!!


1:09:18 – Member Login Page Enhancement
1:11:50 – Add Member Login to Sidebar
1:13:25 – Add Login to Menu (and Customize Menu)


Custom Logo Design:
1:17:33 – Create additional membership levels
1:22:32 – Paying user cancels membership – How it works
1:25:36 – Homepage Slider Image Setup
1:29:22 – Custom Dropdown Menu
1:35:31 – Sidebar Setup
1:39:55 – Image Gallery Setup
1:44:37 – Add a Contact Form
1:47:41 – Congrats! You have now created a membership website.


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  1. Hi I managed to follow your video upto requesting API credentials in Paypal.The layout is different to what you show.I requested what I thought were the correct API (Through Braintree SDK) but it just goes into a permanent search.I am wondering whether this is a computer or website issue .It's really frustrating .Any ideas?

  2. Thanks so much. For once, a concise tutorial that acutally is easy to understand and follow. I can't begin to tell you how many of these types of videos I've watched on building websites only to realize that the instructor is talking at the speed of sound and that one little step he/she skirts over is actually hundreds of hours of work.

  3. Thanks for this vid.
    please how to create a user profile dashboard page with the username written on top ( Welcome, Sam John) and with some page to access like edit profile, referral link, withdrawal referral bonus, payment record, top ten referral earners and some other marketing stuff

  4. calm and quiet description…no hurries…thank you so much…except the paypal section which is unfortunately not available in Bangladesh…we have other payment methods like bkash and rocket for local transactions

  5. Great video! i would you like to create a paying membership website, where subscribers can talk to their instructor by sending a text message directly on the website, and i would like to block that feature to non members, so only pay members can send text. would membership pro do that ? could someone help me please 🙂 regards pietro

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