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How To Create Your Own Website | Artist Marketing 911

How To Create Your Own Website | Artist Marketing 911
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Curtiss King Beats + AM911 present to you a new 2 hour video tutorial product to show rappers, singers, musicians, and bands how to create their own website. Step by step I’ll walk you through claiming your URL, designing your website, hosting your own music and even touch on color psychology for a budget of less than $100.


Here’s what I will cover in my 2 hour course on How To Create Your Own Website:
Lesson 1: Claiming your Personal URL and connecting to
Lesson 2: Getting Familiar with Weebly
Lesson 3: Designing your home page

– The importance of matching your fonts & colors to your music
– The importance of a “Call Of Action”
– How to add an Email Sign Up Box via
– How to properly add a Facebook “Like” or Twitter “Follow Button

Lesson 4: Adding Additional Pages, Sub-Domains, & Hosting Your Music

– Adding and Creating a Biography Page
– Adding and Creating a Contact Page
– Adding and Creating a Music Page (Hosting Your Own
Albums & Singles)
– Adding and Creating a Music Video Page
– Adding and Creating a Merchandise Page

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