Web Hosting & CPanel Guide – How To Easily Upload Your Website

In this guide we will discuss the different types of web hosting accounts and we will be working with a brand new account to explore CPanel, upload a website via FTP, create email accounts, create a subdomain, install WordPress, create a database among other things.


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  1. Can you make YouTube or Udemy series on how to allow users to create dynamic sub domains form example.

    When the user type w.e name in the input it will automatically create a sub domain without you having to go to you hosting company cpanel n I think it’s called php wildcard

  2. Hello and thanks for the video but I have some path errors when I uploaded all of my files to viewen hosting under the public_html folder…. what should I do? They told me that it could be my database but I have already set up an account and set up my username and password in my dbh.php

  3. excellant tutorial very informative, keep up the good work I wish I had found this a few months ago , I will be watching again and probably again. Im jst starting out on my journey Ive been concentrating on the SEO Side of things now its step it up time and I like THIS . i got a question though can I put a Divi theme on the wordpress blog , and would I be able to link it direct to my site (main domain ) http//http://www.seoresolver.com

  4. Great video! The website file is uploaded to file manager in my c-panel but my hosting service was interrupted. It is now activated but I hosting company said they couldn't find any files under Public_html directory. I found the files cgi-bin, default.html and favicon.ico but don´t know what to do after that. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Does anyone know if i do web hosting this way from asia will it still be smooth and good? Or do I have to find some local services. I don't speak the language here so I prefer things to be in english but I'm not sure how they effects things.

  6. My personal experience it is really Crap!! That's why I shifted to Siteground => https://bit.ly/2NbpB76, if you will think from the pricing point of view that might be a con. But this is simply AWESOME.
    If talking about hosting what matters the most is the Performance, inmotion, or bluehost cannot match that
    Tried them and regret!!

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