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How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED!

Learn how to make a website with GoDaddy! In this video I show you how to register a domain name then create a business website on it using the same software as Tim Ferris, Zoella, and Katy Perry. This is the updated version of our 2017 GoDaddy website tutorial that helped over 1000 people get started and you can too.

Build a website for your friend or fam as a gift. Enjoy!

Demo Site:

60% Off Hosting Discount Link:


(Here’s everything you can learn here — Jump around!)

Introduction 00:00:00
Website Tour 00:00:45

Step 1: Register Domain
Begin 11:36
Domain Strategies 12:36
Costs 16:20
Complete Order 19:17

Why It’s Important to Keep Domain & Hosting Separate 22:49
What Your Site Looks Like with Only a Domain 26:37

Step 2: Get Hosting
Begin 27:37
Easy Hosting Order Form 30:24
Costs 31:08
Get a Discount 32:21
Complete Order 35:14

Connect Domain & Hosting 35:56 (Every new website must do this)

Step 3: Install WordPress
Begin (in your email) 39:06
Login to Customer Portal 39:15
Visit QuickInstall 40:08
Costs (JK it’s free)
Installation 41:03
Break Time 43:39

Web Design DIY (Without the Expensive Web Developer!)

Login to WordPress 44:05
Dashboard Tour 45:49
Learn Plugins 49:20
Install Free Website Theme 51:43
Add Demo Content 53:48
Cleanup Sidebar 56:03
Create Homepage and Blog 57:18
Create Blog Posts 1:00:04
Create Pages 1:14:48
Setup Slider 1:20:11
Add Menu 1:21:38
Setup Featured Content 1:24:38
Social Media Buttons 1:30:53
Facebook Like Box 1:34:00
Make a Logo 1:37:21
Write Beginner CSS 1:43:32
Get Icons 1:45:16
Remove Header Image 1:55:08
Add Map 1:58:01
Create Contact Form 1:59:00
Testimonials 2:02:46
Footer 2:13:01
Edit Footer Copyright 2:19:22
Make Website Faster 2:26:20
Setup Google Analytics 2:30:51
Congratulations! Freedom!!! 2:35:30

Why many users like to keep their domains and hosting separate:

There you have it folks! After you create a GoDaddy wordpress website feel free to browse the channel for more wordpress website tutorials to help you build a website, create a blog, monetize with ads, make money with online marketing, write guest posts, rank in Google, fix common issues, learn code, edit your homepage (we have a lot of videos) and generally really learn how to use WordPress to your advantage.

Cheers and Happy New Years Everyone!! Best option is stay in and make a business website with me lol but seriously I’ll be right here in this chair if Leroy doesn’t steal it.


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28 Responses to How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED!

  • sam francis says:

    I’m in the north, in Darwin , been watching your videos for the last week and just about to take the plunge setting up a website for my pipe design business. They are a great help for someone like me who is not to good on a computer.
    If I do really get stuck and need assistance in building my website , can I contact you so I can pay for your services ?

  • sam francis says:

    Hey Greg, quick question. I’ve created the website and it looks great. It comes up perfect on the computer and the iPad but on the iPhone the logo and home page button is over laid to top of the feature sliders? Is there any way I can fix this thanks 👍

  • Hi, I'm a very beginner in building a wordpress website, although I did with your awesome video. A couple of days past since that and now when I want to write my first blog post, the image is not showing up in the post only the text. What do I do wrong or what do I need to change? Thanks in advance, I desperately need your help, I've tried everything.

  • Wow, I am amazed at how easy you made the process of making a website!I don’t have any major computer skills but with you help I made a website in just a few hours and now excited to add to it.
    Thanks so Much
    Kasra 😀

  • How can I add a counter on bottom of my website ?

  • hi Greg N, can i get your email add please. thanks –

  • Hi, Greg! Very good video, appreciate it so much!!
    I have a quick question, now i just finished buying the domain name and the web hosting with hostgator. After installed wordpress, i got the email of Admin URL and could not open it. What should i do? Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi Greg! Thanks a lot for the video. Now I am in the process of making new posts of wordpress, when i try to view the post, it shows that "PAGE NOT FOUND". Don't know what is the problem here. Could you help me out plz, thanks a lot!

  • Harkaranvir says:

    Is there a way to self host the same?

  • Thank you very much for sharing us this guide video of how to make a website, I almost follow all the steps that you said but i make the website in chinese and a bit english.
    Here is my website,, if you wanna have a look and maybe give me some advices!! I have just made it for few days so there are still a lot of things not that completed. There are some small things i would like to ask, for example how to make the sentence look better in the home page of the first image and how to change the image right next to the dinosaur – right next to the domain. 🙂
    Thanks again as a teacher or a friend to share us so much !!! It is so helpful for me. Thanks, Greg!

  • Thanks Greg! =) Did you have a basic plan or business plan on wordpress?
    Just thinking what's included when you buy hosting and domain.

  • Hello Greg, Thank you for this video… I have a question in regards of the template used, It is posible to have a blank horizontal space at the top of the page with the menu and then the image???

  • Time stamps on the youtube video? For setting up specifics etc?
    Like the video! it's teaching me a lot!

  • Thanks for this! As a creative thinker who struggles with jargon the analogies were unbelievably useful! Thank you for taking something that was making my brain hurt and making it simple

  • SHERI KING says:

    Hello , could someone tell me were to find the download images ? I am at this point in the tutorial . Seems to have been moved or deleted?

  • Greg, a quick question. I followed all your directions but my upper navigation links do not show? Any idea why and how I can fix it?

  • Like this updated video. Thanks for making this. followed your last ones as well. Binge watching this channel 🙂

  • When I open settings to add the google analytics link I do not see the option “insert header and footer” why is that? Please help!!!!

  • Hey Greg, your tutorial is appreciated. I found another one for WordPress before finding yours and have launched my revised site. I love it! The site is interactive, robust and secure….compared to my old site! This one is the bomb! My current situation is the copyright footer info. I've been with Godaddy for 10 years. Sometime they support and sometimes not. However the verse of WP managed I purchased is just a little different. When I go into editor; and inc file. I don't see the core.php . the latest version for 2018 is definitely not my version. Can you advise how I can place my own copyright info? Thanks,

  • Greg Narayan says:

    100s of people come to me each year with a cool new GoDaddy domain name and need to create a website on it. So I made this updated video to help you! It's exactly how I make a website at GoDaddy for clients, family, my cat, whoever whenever! …Enjoy!

  • Thanks for this video

  • Sky Friend says:

    I have to say from someone who is for the most part technologically illiterate and scared of the though of making my own site. You really took a lot of the fear of failure and made me feel like I might be able to do this. I can now actually breath and not have a panic attack at the idea of building my website. I did want to ask if you have any thoughts on a template as I am in a niche industry, Paintball and Airsoft and didn't really see any themes that line up with that. I looked on the web and found a few but those had a cost associated with them and they were for paintball fields, I have a retail location and its a different look. Any feedback or thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated. And if you were still in NYC I'd tell you to stop by and if you were interested in playing I'd get you setup.

  • So, your updated GoDaddy video is just a HostGator video?

  • CoGoGlass says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. It has taken me a while to finish and I still have to go back and add pages and products but the framework for the site is at least established. I feel relieved!

  • BiBiN DaS says:

    nice, thank you so much for creating the video i have seen this 1 year before thanking you so much for the updated version.

  • Really helpful. I was able to create my first blog with this video. Thanks a bunch!

  • Hi Greg, I am trying to modify the background that has like a blury image of some flowers, can you tell how to accomplish that please? Thanks in advance and congrats for such a great tutorial.

  • Wilian Rubio says:

    Hello Greg. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this tutorial, you're the man! This video has helped me enormously with my own website. Keep up the good work!

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