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Spalding web design providing Backlinking for website marketing, or as some call it, Internet marketing.

Website marketing is the process of building high authority backlinks to your website every month to inprove the popularity of your own company website.

These backlinks come from high page rank and high domain authority (DA) websites that carry a lot of weight back to your website.

If you want to increase your reach online then back links are certainly a step in the right direction, as long as they are the right back links.

Yes, anyone can build backlinks to their website but if all your backlinks are not from high authority popular websites with a high page rank then you could do more harm than good.

Every website should be optimized for the keywords and key phrases they are hoping to get found for, oh and notice i said key phrases, yes these are what you need to concentrate on.

A good example is, for example, web design leeds, or 24 hour plumber bedford, thung is, if someone simply searches for a plumber and he is 100 miles away, what use is that, so unless you are a global or international business, choose key phrases that relate to your business, plus they are easier to get listed for.

This is what we call long tail keywords, three or four or even five keywords, thing is, pleaple really don’t type into a search one word, such as loans, they would search for low cost loans, or cheap loans as an example.

There are a lot of different type’s of business, all wanting website marketing, and all vary in terms of difficulty. Say you are a solicitor, you may specialise in divorce, so you would want to be found for “divorce solicitor in Peterborough”, not just solicitor as they could be looking for anything and you may not provide that service.

Divorce solicitor would not be perfect either as if you come up in a search and you were a 100 miles from the person who found you, it wouldn’t be ideal as normally in this situation they would want to meet you.

Make sure you are being found for the exact terms people are searching for.

Colin Castle has been in the website management and website marketing business for over 20 years and knows that with a good quality fast loading website, the right optimization and top quality backlinks, any website for just about any key phrase can get to the top of the searches, so why not you?

There is a lot to website marketing, or Internet marketing but one thing is for sure, if you want your business to be found for the right keywords and key phrases, then you can.

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