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Website marketing

Lawncare business advice

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24 Responses to Website marketing

  • Rashawn T. says:

    +Johnny Mow
    Great video & advice. How much did it cost for truck lettering?

  • Tim Linden says:

    I'm a web developer 😉 I agree with what you're saying. All you need is a website with your contact info and a few photos of your work, so when someone is considering you they have something to see. We looked at the guys website that did our septic, we weren't searching for them we already got a reference we just wanted to see what they did.

  • Johnny Mow says:

    Da king, about 350.00 for the truck. 1000 for the trailer.

  • Just use a Google Plus page and a Facebook page if you want to show your work. Totally free and they index each other on Google.

  • Well said Johnny. I have built what I have from FB and a Go Daddy Web page I build. Even landed a 35k contract that starts the 1st of next month from that cheap site. But I am having a site build by a client of mine that has a big design company in DC. Looking for it to take me to the next level 69 accounts now hoping to be at 200 by the end of next season.

  • My Truck is a piece of garbage, but my equipment is in good shape and most importantly, I let my work speak for itself and rely on word of mouth. 15k on a truck is pretty much at the end of my upgrade list and business plan (That and the re manufactured engine that has only 20k on it makes it worth much more than a scrap pile). No payments on any of my equipment is more important to me than losing a customer that might think less of me because I have some rust on my GMC. One of my favorite things about being the boss is not having to deal with people like that 😀

  • Hey Johnny Mow I had a website built a few months ($1900) I asked her if she wanted to barter I did some edging and a very small paver job at her house so out of pocket I ended up paying her $200. My main reason to make one was to accept credit/debit payments which has been a hit so far also a ton of my own pictures right from the jobsite.
    Check it out

  • Nick Bohner says:

    My dad sees me watching and tells me to stop. We dont talk to scag lovers in canada. Walker or death.

  • AJ Close says:

    Hi johnny, do you think having a youtube channel is better investment than having a website to Showcase your work on the Internet.

  • BigRandyR says:

    This is my first full time year in the business, and I'm striving to be where you are. I appreciate these Videos so much. I only have one zero turn, but I'm going to try and add another next year. My truck is rough too, and I'm going to hopefully pick one up at a fleet sale this winter. I have been looking at a place in Kentucky that only sells fleet vehicles. It is a 3-4 hr drive for me but the trucks look clean and already have been equipped well. I have lots of toys I have considered selling to stay out of dept. I drove a truck for one company the last 15 years and this has been a BIG step for me. But I'm actually doing something I love instead of doing something just to draw a paycheck. Sorry to get off track, again I love and appreciate the vids, Sir!

  • Hey Johnny how many accounts do u have solo as of now?

  • I haven't even tried to advertise Johnny and I keep getting calls because people refer me. I think the most important thing is to do quality work and look professional. I still have a long ways to go before I can say I'm "professional" but, everything is a work in progress.

  • EuroYard says:

    I respect your opinion. You mention many times having backup equipment etc…When you are a one man show…you better have a guy you can call on to take over when you are out of commission (accident, sickness, vacation…) to keep up the business.

  • Nick Bohner says:

    Just jokes Johnny but you're dead wrong about that. Walker is the most efficient mower on earth. Ground speed means nothing when those silly mid mounts can't get under fences or under a trailer hitch. I would challenge any mower on the market to beat my b23i on a residential property. Turning is much quicker on the walker due to the controls and overall dimensions of the machine. I know people that have tried almost every mid mount there is and have come to realize the Walker is 20-30% more efficient and has a much nicer non scalped cut. I understand you don't have a close dealer but until you try one you have no idea. I agree with you that the height adjustment sucks but they have an optional lever adjuster. Plus all I have to do to clean my deck or sharpen my blades is pull 2 pins and flip up my deck while you're crawling under the mower with a scraper getting covered in grass.

  • Don Abraham says:

    I feel like you may be talking about…. Good video..

  • Emerald Bren says:

    Really appreciated this video thanks for posting will definitely be getting my van sign written have a great weekend!

  • Great video. Good advice. I jumped into this a couple seasons ago. Bought a few yard signs to put out and now I only have 3 signs out in town! Nicer yards, Nicer neighborhoods. I get a lot of referral work. Sounds funny to say but, I'm not trying to be the big wazoo mowing company in town. With only 30 residential's and 5 commercials I have actually gotten "bigger" than I am comfortable with. I invisioned myself just doing a few yards that I could take my time on and really "care" for the lawns without being in such a rush all the time. I live in a small town and my truck is pretty obvious. Big 2500HD and a black enclosed trailer. One little license plate type sign on the trailer with my company name on it. People will stop in front of my house and ask if I would be interested in taking on their yards. They say "man I see you all over town". It's crazy sometime. I am like TNL, I feel I am a long way from being a true professional in this industry. Still a lot to learn everyday. Next season I am going to be dropping some customers to try to get down to my comfort level and I am going to let the dropped customers know who I would suggest they call based on what I know of the other companies skill levels. Thanks again for the videos. I value the opinions of people like you who have been in the game longer than I have. Thanks again

  • Johnny, as far as running a crew of 2 guys. How would u figure out ur numbers to pay them and also make your profit. What all would need to be taken into consideration? Would they have to cut 20 lawns a day for u at $40 a piece paying them $12 an hour?? So for 10 hours u pay both employees $240?? Assuming it takes them 10hours each? So that leaves u with $660 without going with them? Is this realistic or no?? Most lawns around me go for 30 to 45. Please help my rookie self out Johnny??

  • Dandy Lawn says:

    I was at 62 last year.  I have around 35 this year now but I am working smarter not harder. 3 days last week I only had 3 jobs a day but got to spend time there and charge for it! I love it and I don't need customers. Great vid.

  • Great advice! Thanks Johnny!

  • Every single thing you said is spot on Johnny! I cannot disagree with anything. I'm glad you made sure you explained the difference in what mowing, landscaping and hardscapes need and don't need. I also really thing you hit it right with the areas

    Junk trucks (starters set up like mine)=inner city $25-$35 lawns

    Decent trucks no letters = big Fields and some development $30-$50

    Nice kept lettered trucks & trailers = mainly new development lawns $45-$65

    Great video. I would say your best yet but you have some seriously great videos with information that just blows my mind. Things you would never think a lawncare provider would know the details on. Hats off.

  • I agree use Flyers,Facebook,family,and referrals.Also a lot of people would not want to go 100 miles away to make $50.00

  • Could not disagree more with this. I built my own website with godaddy. Did my own research on SEO and have my page list on Bing & Google. Did all this in the winter months…spent many hrs and a big $200 bucks. You only pay if you are using google adwords. You can rank on the first page of google with organic search…which is free. Solo or not, a website makes you look just as professional as a lettered truck, especially seeing keywords like lawn care and those related are searched over 200 hundred thousand times on google.

  • hey Johnny what's your opinion on yardbook good or bad

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