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I talk about niche websites, affiliate marketing, amazon FBA, building a long term business and how to stand on your own two feet when it comes to business.

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27 Responses to Niche Website, Marketing Plan, Real Talk With Cody Hawk, Taking Your Business To A New Level!

  • Al L says:

    What website hosting service do you recommend?

  • Dave Koziel says:

    This is some REAL TALK WITH CODY HAWK BABY! Wooo!

  • Cian Woods says:

    What are your thoughts on college? I'm in my second year with 2 more left but not sure it's what I want to do….

  • Jon Gums says:

    thanks!  Keep working your a?? off it is so worth it!  love your energy!

  • K Dee says:


  • Thanks Cody! You have given me something to think about for my business. I need to look into the next step!

  • Cody. You are TOTALLY right on building your OWN business. I heard from Chris Green the question if doing ONLY amazon or eBay is our business or only a job. That question shaked my mind and with your video I learned the way to build my own business using the other platforms as vehicles or tools. Thank you for your time and effort.  Armando Sueños

  • Justin K says:

    What do you think of using shopify for selling

  • MrSaddie123 says:

    Many people like myself Cody are not tech savy, but i would love to have "my own" platform to sell on, i get fustrated very quickly trying to figure out tech stuff, we dont agree on everything but spreading yourself out we do agree on, i will be creating my own website soon, i dont care if it takes 2 yrs to start showing big results, it will be there growing, i just need to do it, as painfull as it may be for a guy like me.

  • Justin K says:

    Have you ever had an experience with amazon where they said they were going to destroy your products and you actually found them reselling them.

  • Teddy Rux says:

    Cody, I know in the past you've mentioned that you owned a construction business before going full e-commerce. I myself, had a small business that lasted a few years before I sold it to break even. I know this can be broad question, but do you think that the e-commerce and marketing ventures are more financially beneficial in the long run, as apposed to if you would have kept going and expanded the construction company?

  • Thanks for the video. Hopefully I will get to see you in Austin when you visit. I bought mobile click code awhile back, but let myself forget about it. Not happy with myself for that. This gave me the ass kick I needed to get started with it!

  • trinston13 says:

    AN UNTRAINED MONKEY CAN PUT TOGETHER A WEBSITE!! you had me laughing my a$$ off 

  • Just Jake says:

    Hey Cody, awesome video!  I actually created my own website a few months ago and am currently redesigning the layout of it and fixing a few back end problems.  I'd love to get in contact with you but I don't see your email in the description..

  • Free Donor says:

    Hey Cody, a subscriber from an under developed country here :)))
    I've finally finished building up my first website 🙂 How do I contact you about the marketing PDF? :))))

  • IBPICKER says:

    You sent me your email but I lost it, please send it to me again..thanks

  • crazyxmas1 says:

    Great advice and words again thanks Cody! 

  • Kyle Weiss says:

    Cody Lets do this!  I'm ready to break through any and all barriers and take this to the next level.  I'm ready to create my own platform. I have been working on several websites for the last few months!  Been waiting in anticipation for you to put out more videos on creating niche websites.  Can't wait to see more creation videos!  Thank you for all you do! 

  • Kyle Weiss says:

    Cody what did you mean at about the 15:10 mark of this video about driving traffic through Amazon link can get your account shut down? 

  • MrClint39 says:

    Great video as always. But I'm just gonna sell on e-bay, cause I enjoy having my account frozen and not being able to get my money for 6 months, for no good reason. LOL! Just kidding. I built a W.P. website last night. Did it all while watching your free videos on how to make niche websites. I'm gonna use it to make some affiliate marketing money. I'm also a mobileclickcode subscriber great stuff there too. Thanks for everything Cody 🙂

  • Chad Thomas says:

    Whats up Cody! First off, I just wanted to let you know that you motivate the hell out of me! 🙂 I really appreciate the time that you take to make these videos, they are very inspiring!

    I am a very ambitious entrepreneur, I have an LLC that revolves around eCommerce (Started mid-last year).  I am on eBay and Amazon Merchant Fulfilled and you have definitely inspired me to try FBA! I also own a domain and a website platform through GoDaddy but haven't done anything with it yet (I wanted to focus on eBay and Amazon to get me through the holiday season).  Bottom-line, now is the time to take my business to the next level! I do still have my full-time job and would really like to quit within 12 months at most! So I really need to ramp his up! And I would really like to use some of your techniques…which brings me to my questions:

    1.) With the little time that I have Im having a little trouble figuring out where I should focus my energy at this point to really make an impact on growth, any thoughts/suggestions??  Do you think its FBA, website?  There are so many possibilities, its very overwhelming! lol

    2.) My second question is about sourcing – Now you have recently mentioned that you starting to really zone in on wholesale as a focus, and I think with the amount of time that I have right now, that might be a direction thats good for me –  As I research, I get more and more overwhelmed! There are just so many out there and so many products to choose from, its hard to figure out which ones are legit and which ones have the best profit margins (without calculating for hours on end!), Any suggestions/recommendations on Wholesalers?  What is your take on "WorldWideBrands" (if any?), is it worth it?

    Im sorry Im rambling, like I said, Im very ambitious and have alot to learn! Im also new to your channel and you have really inspired me to take the right steps and grow this business, so any help/guidance that you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Man!


  • This totally resonates with me- I make my own products and sell on etsy, ebay, and a few smaller platforms, and I have considered having my own website.  How difficult would it be to create my own website with very little tech knowledge and over 700 products?  Or what would you recommend? Thanks 

  • Cody, Let's talk some about this before i create the website.  I need to clarify some things before i jump in .  
    this is Dale

  • When are you coming south! " Dallas/Ft. Worth"

  • Your waiting til its in 100's with 80% humidity! Are you coming for business or meet and greet? 

  • Brendan Mace says:

    Great video dude, you rock!

  • N C says:

    hi Cody- interesting videos..I've sold on eBay (very small fish here!) before and did well, but was extremely small scale. Do you have any recommendations for those with little experience on Marketing Basics, Business terms and legal forms? How and where do I research the market trends to find my niche? I have lots of questions but basics first! Also need to understand difference betw authorized resellers , contractors, and network marketers and their associated platforms.

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