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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Web Marketing: How to Add Keywords to Your WordPress Website ⬅ Click here for more useful advice on web marketing without headaches. Get a a free download and practical tips for utilizing your website.

Many people get their Wordpress website set up and then wonder how to add in… Continue reading

Internet Marketing Strategy – How to Attract Tons of Traffic to your Website

Its not how many visitors you attract, its who you attract.

Anyone can promise you traffic. Lots of it. Lots of random, misdirected people who have zero interest in your product or service. Who needs that?

At Prism, we… Continue reading

Sales Training and Website Marketing

You know you’d like to start a business online but there are 3 major hurdles to overcome: building and marketing website and making sales. Any one of these can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from becoming profitable… Continue reading

How to use your mobile websites Marketing functions to promote your business

Great video showing you how to use your mobile website’s marketing functions to help promote your business while increasing your revenue!

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