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Placida Acheru Coaching Excellence Social Media Blogging FaceBook Twitter Youtube Website Marketing

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Placida Acheru Coaching 4 Excellence Social Media Blogging FaceBook Twitter Youtube Website Marketing
Social Media Strategies Blogging FaceBook Twitter Youtube Website Evaluation and Marketing

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Sky Rocket Your Sales- Earn 6 Figures | Subscribe Home Blog Programs and Packages Sky Rocket Your Sales Hire Placida Speaker Coach and Mentor Get To Know Placida Keep Your Dream Alive JV-Mastermind Next Level Success Kit Audio Resources Inspirational Cards Become A Coach Testimonials Enter Your Successes Here ! Video Testimonials Contact us  Business Management Business Tools Events Grow Your Business In 30 days or less Social Media Strategies Blogging FaceBook Twitter Youtube Website Evaluation and Marketing Sky Rocket Your Sales Sky Rocket Your Sales — Earn 6 Figures and More â„¢ Coaching Program I have often found that some business owners remain on the same level for a long time and instead of seeing their businesses going up they see it going down. This should not be so — have you asked your self what the reason might be? Often business owners get so caught up in running the daily operations of business, They forget to look out for the challenges their business may face. I created this program – Skyrocket Your Sales — Earn 6 Figures and More (TM) especially for those who believe that it impossible to achieve because they have struggled for so long and everything seem impossible and on a stand still. I have learned in my career that working alone , all by yourself drains you of any ability you may have to produce success. This is why people hire coaches, mentors and sign up for programs to help Skyrocket their business. I always ask this question- How Big is your DREAM and How Important is it to YOU? I understand the frustration of having a business that you love which is not growing. * You have sleepless nights, and you cant tell anyone what you are going through because there are so many people depending on you. * You want your business to work out so much that everything around you is suffering and you are suffering too. * You are supposed to be the focused driven person but you are lacking focus and motivation. If this describes you, then what are you waiting for, get on board this program and have 10 intensive weeks of growth. It does not stop there, you have a continuous mentoring program with me. It is a great way to help the business owners keep momentum in the business. In the sessions we brainstorm new ideas for overcoming the obstacles that may prevent your business from growing. We will focus on building marketing strategies and overcoming challenges of the independent business owner and look at all the ways to shoot up your sales. Although we are doing this as a team you do not lose the personal touch, the meeting are structured in a way that everyone feels connected and get the answers to their overwhelming questions and you are able to see results in your business. Register Your Interest Here Who is this for: Any business owner looking at how to attract more sales and increase success in every area of business is welcome to this program. Coaches, Consultants, independent business owners. The techniques and skills you receive can be used to explode your sales no matter what business you are in. In believe in going for Gold and that’s what we will be doing. What do you get *We will look at you business model and why it is not working for you * We will be looking at different success models for business and structure it to fit your business type * We will be setting goals and time lines * Helping you break the fears that have stopped you * You will be building long lasting relationships with like minds * Although it is group coaching you will be receiving 1-2-1 coaching with me

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