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£120 per year - FREE SSL - Nightly Backups

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Keeping it Green

server iconSpalding UK Web Hosting Services: Web Centre Plus provide Eco friendly UK Web Hosting services run on our 100% carbon free web servers. Our web servers are based in the well known and respected UKFast data centre in Manchester.


We figured if UKFast were trusted by some of the biggest names in the country, from finance to household names then they were good enough for us.


Providing 99.99% uptime and nightly backups, plus our FREE SSL with every web hosting package so your website goes from http to https, Google loves this.

Free SSL

Move your web hosting and get FREE SSL for your website, so your website address will change from http to https for free. From the 1st October 2017, Google decided all website’s should be https and without this you will lose favour with Google.

Why UK Based Hosting?

Hosting your website in the country you are based in will be beneficial as it’s easier to get in touch with support when you need it. Also, Google will favour this. If you are a UK company, with a domain, it makes sense to host in the UK.

Fast Reliable Business Package

Your hosting account will be set up on a same day basis and we will help you transfer your website and domain if necessary. You can pay online using your credit or debit card or your Paypal account. You can also use BACS or cheque.

We only provide web hosting to businesses and only by request, please contact us for more information.

Why choose our Hosting Services

Our hosting is only available to UK businesses, and by request only. We do not allow just anyone to buy our hosting, by being strict, we protect our clients.

Unlimited Features

Unlimited so you have everything you need. Including domain and email aliases, emails, databases, ftp and more.


All our web hosting plans come with free SSL. Changing your web address from http://www to https://www.

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Multi Hosting

Have a few websites? Host them all in one package with just a single login account.

Nightly Backups

All websites are fully backed up every night giving peace of mind in case the unlikely ever happens.

server iconUK Web hosting is a must if you are based in the UK. Every little helps as they say and hosting your website in the same country you are based in is just one little thing that can make a small difference. Web hosting is like anything else when it comes to website marketing, you have to get this right or everything else could have been a waste of time. This is important if you are thinking about first page listings in Google.

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