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Transfer your hosting with ease! (not for reseller hosting)

When you feel the need to move your hosting account to another provider, it’s often a daunting task. We help you all the way. From advising and setting up of domain transfers, tag changes, and making sure your website doesn’t suffer any downtime.


We can do everything for you, just ask, there are limits of course, we can’t be expected to set up 100 email accounts for you. The maximum is 5 to get you going, and we will show you how easy it is to create your own, in minutes. We have done this so many times over the years, its really quite a simple process. Your website could be running on your new web hosting account with us in just one day, with no downtime.

Latest software installed.

All our hosting comes with the latest in technology installed. Such as Spam Assassin to control the amount of spam you receive, plus you can train the system to understand what is spam and what isn’t spam. We always have the latest version of the CPanel control panel installed and comes with the latest webmail. Move your web hosting to Web Centre Plus and enjoy a worry free experience with all the latest technology.


If you’re unhappy with your current host, either through lack of support or continual down times and decide you need to move on, ask yourself how difficult will it be? How long will I be “off-line”? The phrase “transfer hosting” can put people off, and they end up staying where they are, and suffering because of it.


Many of our clients have come over from a variety of web hosts, not only from the UK, but other parts of the World also. The issues are almost always the same, lack of support, emails being ignored and no one on the telephone.

We care.

It does seem that a lot of web hosting companies, offer misleading services, are only there when it suits them. They are not really that competent or interested in taking care of their clients. So if you decide to move your hosting to Web Centre Plus, our team will certainly make sure your involvement will be at a very minimum.


If you need further information, please contact us. Our support system is very efficient and solutions to any problems are always dealt with in the same speedy and professional manner.

We are always here to take care of you.

We can help with;

  • Downloading and uploading your website
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Transfer and setup your Database
  • Change name servers
    Free yourself from what is often considered a mundane task, but essential for the success of your online business.
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