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We all want our website high on the search engines; for this, you will require a search engine marketing firm or Internet Marketing services. Choosing the right company can be difficult as it takes years of experience before anyone can optimise a web site correctly.

With our years of SEO experience learning how to optimise a web site correctly, we can offer guaranteed results and show you proof of our expertise, remember it’s the results that count, the proof is in the pudding as they say! Take the first step to improve your business today with an SEO quote.

101 ways to optimise!

There are a hundred and one ways to optimise a web page, the best place to start is with keyword research, find exactly what people type into a search engine to find your products and services, the next task is to use this researched information to optimise your individual pages.

Once all the optimisation work is complete we then analyse your web pages, upload and wait for the search engines to come and visit your site, we can then see what listings have been achieved and can look at ways to improve your positions.

Search engine marketing must be considered an ongoing campaign as search engines do change the way they list websites on a regular basis.

Google is continually tweaking its algorithm and released more than 450 changes of the ranking algorithm last year alone, that's more than 37 per month.

One of these latest changes could have affected your website listings.

Keyword Research

This is an important part of any optimisation project as it will tell us the exact words people type into a search engine to find what you are selling. But just imagine if you knew this information, we could use the correct keywords and key phrases to optimise and tweak your individual web pages, thus creating a very competitive edge over your competition. keyword research ...

Pay per click

Many search engines offer a pay per click service, these are the paid adverts at the very top and down the right side of the search engine. Of course you would have heard of Google adwords, this is the most popular but also the most expensive, a cheaper option would be to use the Yahoo version of this, you will need to sign up here:, of course, we have many years experience in managing these campaigns. Read more about PPC

Optimise Process

The way to optimise your web site begins with analysing your pages, then keyword research and using the results of the research to optimise your web pages. By creating the correct Meta tags, and placing your keywords and phrases throughout your pages in the relevant positions, you will be ready to be listed. Read how to optimise a website

Meta Tags

The meta tags; Title, Description and Keyword tag are carefully written using the keywords from your keyword research, these tags have to reflect the content of your pages, a common error is that people often add keywords that are not actually in their pages, so are irrelevant and de-values the tag. Read more about Meta Tags

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