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Do you know what keywords your competitors are using in Google Adwords? We do!

With PPC Search Engine Management (pay per click), you can soon spend a lot of money with no sales, the secret is to use a company like ourselves to manage your campaign for you.

Many people set up Google adwords or the overture equivalent (yahoo etc) with no previous knowledge of how to write the advert or how much they need to budget for optimum performance, often we can reduce your monthly cost and increase sales.

How can we help?

We offer help and advice on your pay per click campaigns, we sort through your keywords and key phrases to see what needs to be removed and replaced.

We can save you hundreds of pounds per month on your PPC as a one off consultancy or we can provide an ongoing PPC Management service to keep your campaign under control.

Case Point

Recently we were called in to advise on a companies pay per click campaign as they were spending hundreds of pounds each month and not really getting any quality visitors, and ultimately, no sales.

Their keywords were way too common and basically they were attracting people that were not even looking for what this company was selling.

Another example, a local tradesman was using his business type as his main keyword, let's say he was a plumber, he was getting clicks from all over the UK but he would only travel a 30 mile radius of his base, so he was spending money on wasted clicks.

The right Keywords

You have to think about the right keywords, for example, if you sold handbags, you wouldn't use the single keyword "handbags", simply because your budget would be gone in a day or two.

Use key phrases, such as leather handbags, or black handbags, you will get less clicks but when someone does click, they are actually looking for what your selling, a black handbag. Also, this key phrase will cost much less than the single keyword "handbag".

Where to Start

Many search engines offer a pay per click service, these are the paid adverts at the very top and down the right side of the search engine.

Of course you would have heard of Google adwords, this is the most popular but also the most expensive, a cheaper option would be to use the Yahoo version of this, you will need to sign up here:, of course, we have many years experience in managing these campaigns. Read article...

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