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Online Internet Marketing Course – Who Needs It?

Website Ranking in and around Lyminge

How to Enhance Your Page for Keywords

words that search engines look for on web pages. It might be your company name, item name, description. This is various from Meta tags and robotics tags.

2. Keywords in your URL: This is a little various than Meta tags. It does not matter how the search engines rank you so long as they index you. So this is really about keywords that show up in the URL.

3. Keywords in the body: The secret is in the body. Put your primary keywords in the body. Search engines need to know what your page is all about. If you make it too long it will not appear as an entire to the online search engine.

4. Keywords in the anchor text: anchor text is the text that is consisted of in links on your page. There are links on your page with the anchor text “companyname” and “companyname”. This would then indicate that the anchor text would be “companyname”.

5. Keywords in non-indexed parts of your page: Once again there belong to your page that are not indexed by the search engines. They might be your navigation bar, sidebar, footer, and any other non-indexed location of your page. This is also about keywords that are not indexed. This is another location to put your keywords.

Put your keywords in these locations to help the online search engine discover your page. I would constantly keep your keywords in the first 100 characters of your page. It gives your page more authority and weight, but it is important to keep it in the very first 100 characters. Keywords ought to never be more than 25 words or so.

I would always put a keyword as near the start of the page as possible. To truly help you enhance your page you can put your keywords in a HTML remark. Your keywords can be in the HTML comment. You can put the HTML comment straight after the HTML header or prior to it. This offers the page more authority and weight, however it is essential to put it in the HTML text prior to the HTML code.

The HTML text is the text that is contained in the HTML code of your page. This is a big deal, due to the fact that the online search engine wish to know what your page is all about. If the HTML text contains your keywords, it can assist the online search engine find your page. Just put your keywords in the HTML text to help your pages SEO efforts. The much better this is done, the more your pages will appear in the SERPS. You can also have keywords in the footer, header, or anchor text. These will all assist you enhance your page and get you ranked for terms in your service. These techniques are simple to execute and efficient.

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